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Figure 8
(a) Molecular volume difference ΔV between DL-menthol polymorphs α and β and the work contribution pΔV to the Gibbs free energy G; (b) plots of Gibbs free-energy functions GLiquid, Gα and Gβ as a function of pressure, the dotted lines indicate the experimentally observed melting pressure of polymorph β at 0.1 GPa and 296 K, and the point of changed preference for the crystallization between polymorphs α and β at 0.4 GPa. Note the volume difference ΔV = 0 (and hence ΔVp = 0) at p = 0.30 GPa in (a) occurs at a lower pressure than ΔG = 0 at p = 0.40 GPa in (b).

Volume 10| Part 3| May 2023| Pages 341-351
ISSN: 2052-2525