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Accepted 30 March 2020

A decagonal quasicrystal with rhombic and hexagonal tiles decorated with icosahedral structural units

A new kind of phasonic entropy stabilized decagonal quasicrystal (space group, P10/mmm) was observed in the Zn-Mg-Y system, in addition to an icosahedral quasicrystal and a decagonal quasicrystal (space group, P105/mmc) which were reported previously.This decagonal quasicrystal can be modeled with dense packing of icosahedrons at vertices of fat rhombic and flattened hexagonal tiles.

Accepted 24 March 2020

Fast and accurate defocus modulation for improved tunability of cryo-EM experiments

A new method for accurate real-time defocus modulation in electron microscopy that will improve the configurability of the technique.

Accepted 22 March 2020

Atomic structures determined from digitally defined nanocrystalline regions

This article demonstrates how a nano-focused electron beam can be used to collect sparse diffraction patterns from ∼40 nm regions of a macromolecular crystal that are subsequently digitally recombined into a tilt series suitable for ab initio phasing. By synthesizing signals from specific sub-regions of a crystal after data are collected, the findings provide the basis for capturing atomic level information from mosaic or partially ordered crystals that might otherwise be overlooked.

Accepted 20 March 2020

New zeolite-like RUB-5 and its related hydrous layer silicate RUB-6 structurally characterised by electron microscopy

RUB-5 and its related hydrous layer silicate RUB-6 were synthesized in the 1990s, but so far their structures have remained unknown due to their low crystallinity and disorder. The combination of 3D electron diffraction, X-ray powder diffraction, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, structural modelling and diffraction simulations has enabled a comprehensive description of these two nanomaterials, revealng a new framework topology and a unique silica polymorph.

Accepted 18 March 2020

A structural study on TatD from Staphylococcus aureus elucidates a putative DNA binding mode of a Mg2+-dependent nuclease

Crystal structure of SAV0491, TatD-related DNase from gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus was determined at a 1.85 Å resolution providing functional and structural insights into a putative DNA binding mode of SAV0491.

Accepted 16 March 2020

Scanning electron microscopy as a method for sample visualization in protein X-ray crystallography

Protein crystals exposed to a scanning electron microscope beam were analysed using X-ray diffraction to assess the impact of electrons on crystal quality. These experiments support the use of a scanning electron microscope as an imaging tool for locating and centring microcrystals with a view to implement this technology on the VMXm beamline at Diamond Light Source.

Accepted 11 March 2020

Crystal structure of the NS3-like helicase from Alongshan virus

The structural characterization of the NS3-like helicase of a segmented virus from the Flaviviridae is reported.

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