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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in IUCrJ.

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Accepted 30 November 2018

Deformation pathway and defect generation in crystals: a combined group theory and graph theory description

This work provides a new theoretical approach based on group theory and graph theory to capture the intrinsic properties of crystalline materials upon deformation.

Accepted 27 November 2018

A Jumping Crystal Predicted with Molecular Dynamics and Analysed with TLS Refinement against Powder Diffraction Data

A phase transition in a jumping crystal is predicted with Molecular Dynamics. The resulting structure and the dynamics of the transition are verfied by TLS refinement against Powder diffraction data.

Accepted 15 November 2018

Robust manipulation of magnetism in LaAO3/BaTiO3 (A = Fe, Mn, and Cr) superlattices by ferroelectric polarization

Robust control of magnetism in LaAO3/BaTiO3 (A = Fe, Mn, Cr) perovskite superlattices is realized. Not only magnetism switching but also spin polarized 2D electron gas are created by switching of the polarization. We demonstrate a powerful scheme to realize robust control of both magnetism and 2D electron gas. Our work points the direction of the further development of multiferroic field.

Accepted 7 November 2018

Structure model of γ-Al2O3 based on planar defects

The defect structure of γ-Al2O3 produced from boehmite is described with the aid of antiphase and rotational boundaries. The kind of structure defects are concluded from the selected-area electron diffraction patterns. The defect density is quantified from the anisotropic broadening of diffraction lines in powder X-ray diffraction patterns using a computer routine based on the Debye scattering equation.

Accepted 23 October 2018

Incommensurate structures of the [CH3NH3][Co(COOH)3] compound

The temperature evolution of [CH3NH3][Co(COOH)3] on a single crystal and the crystal structure determination of intermediate incommensurate phases of [CH3NH3][Co(COOH)3] by means of neutron diffraction are presented.

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