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Accepted 22 January 2021

Coherent crystal branches: the impact of tetragonal symmetry on the 2D confined polymer nanostructure

The impact of tetragonal crystal symmetry on the two-dimensional (2D) confined polymer nanostructure is demonstrated. Our research shows that this chain packing defect in the tetragonal cell can be controlled to develop along the rod long axis in 2D confinement.

Accepted 13 January 2021

Structural and functional analysis of the Klebsiella pneumoniae MazEF toxin-antitoxin system

We present the first crystal structure of a type II TA complex structure of K. pneumoniae at 2.3 Å resolution. Mutational experiments and cell growth assays confirm R28 and T51 as critical residues for MazF ribonuclease activity.

Accepted 10 January 2021

Whole pair distribution function modeling: the bridging of Bragg and Debye scattering theories

The whole pair distribution function modeling method is introduced to overcome the distinction between Bragg and Debye theories in analysis of powder-scattering data. Models based on Bragg's law are used to facilitate the computation of a whole pair distribution function followed by the solution of the Debye scattering equation.

Accepted 7 January 2021

Structures of the germline-specific Deadhead and thioredoxin T proteins from Drosophila melanogaster reveal unique features among thioredoxins

The first structures of the Drosophila germline-specific thioredoxins Deadhead (Dhd) and thioredoxin T (TrxT), which present unusual properties with respect to canonical Trxs, are reported. Dhd is highly positively charged, which facilitates nonspecific DNA binding to promote chromatin remodeling. TrxT contains a C-terminal extension, which is mostly unstructured and highly flexible, that modulates the redox activity of the protein. These structures will facilitate the virtual screening of small-molecule ligands and protein partners.

Accepted 4 January 2021

Nitro­sonium nitrate (NO+NO3) structure solution using in situ single-crystal X-ray diffraction in a diamond anvil cell

The crystal structure of nitro­sonium nitrate (NO+NO3) is determined by synchrotron single-crystal X-ray diffraction at pressures of 7.0 and 37.0 GPa – resolving a long-standing controversy. Remarkably, the oxygen atom of the NO+ unit is determined to be positively charged, a rare occurrence when in the presence of a less-electronegative element.

Accepted 4 January 2021

The use of additives to regulate solute aggregation and direct conformational polymorph nucleation of pimelic acid

The interference of solute self-assembly caused by the interactions between pimelic acid and a series of homologous additives is closely related to the ability to induce the form II compound with similar packing but a different conformation to that of form I. The novel use of additives demonstrates the direct link between solute aggregation in solution and molecule conformation in crystals.

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