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Accepted 17 February 2019

Sub-atomic X-ray structures of green fluorescent protein

Sub-atomic X-ray structures of green fluorescent protein

Accepted 15 February 2019

Expanding toolkit for structural biology: synchrotrons, X-ray lasers and cryoEM

Thus, the expanding 'tool-kit' of structural biology with further advances in technologies associated with cryoEM, synchrotron and XFEL, and 'ease of their use' would continue to enable the wider community to address more complicated and demanding scientific questions ensuring the 'pole-position' of structural biology.

Accepted 31 January 2019

Ice formation and solvent nanoconfinement in protein crystals

Nanoconfinement dramatically modifies the behaviour of solvent within protein crystals, allowing biophysical measurements in the presence of liquid solvent at temperatures down to ~200 K. When internal ice forms it is stacking disordered, consistent with nucleation within deeply supercooled solvent, and ice does not form in solvent within ~5 Å of the protein surface.

Accepted 31 January 2019

Evaluation of the performance of classification algorithms for XFEL single-particle imaging data

X-ray free-electron lasers were used for single-particle imaging of 3D nanoscale structures. Through the extraction of single-particle diffraction patterns from the data, the performances of image-classification algorithms were evaluated and the final reconstruction results depended on the selection of dataset.

Accepted 28 January 2019

Structure of mammalian plasma fetuin-B and its mechanism of selective metallopeptidase inhibition

The co-crystal structure of the metallopeptidase astacin with its specific protein inhibitor fetuin-B reveals a novel mechanism of inhibition.

Accepted 25 January 2019

Fixed-target serial oscillation crystallography at room temperature

The combination of oscillation data collection with fixed-target microchips for regular crystal dispersion is an efficient method for collecting serial crystallography data at synchrotrons. Background scatter from noncrystal substrates is especially minimized.

Accepted 22 January 2019

Time-resolved grazing-incidence pair distribution functions during deposition by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering

Accepted 9 January 2019

Local atomic structure of thin and ultrathin films via rapid high-energy X-ray total scattering at grazing incidence

The short- and long-range order of thin films with thicknesses down to 3 nm were studied by applying PDF analysis to data collected by surface high-energy X-ray diffraction at a time resolution on the scale of seconds.

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