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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in IUCrJ.

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Accepted 22 March 2023

Bone mineral properties and 3D orientation of human lamellar bone around cement lines and the Haversian system. Corrigendum

Corrigendum to the article by Grünewald et al. [IUCrJ (2023). 10, 189–198].

Accepted 20 March 2023

Crystal engineering of ionic cocrystals comprising Na/K salts of hesperetin with hesperetin molecules and solubility modulation

Synthesis and property evaluation of ionic cocrystals and salts of the weakly acidic nutraceutical compound hesperetin support the reliability of crystal engineering approaches based on the PhOH⋯PhO supramolecular heterosynthon and the effectiveness of cocrystallization in tackling low aqueous solubility for a weakly ionisable compound.

Accepted 12 March 2023

Hierarchical packing of racemic metallo­supramolecular cages with Ni(II)-based triple-stranded helicate building blocks

Racemic metallosupramolecular cages were fabricated from homochiral Ni(II)-based triple-stranded helicate building blocks. In hierarchical crystal packing, methyl groups of a cage can be accommodated in cone-shaped metal cluster metallocavitands of adjacent cages in the form of host–guest interactions.

Accepted 7 March 2023

Classification of perovskite structural types with dynamical octahedral tilting

Here, a new class of dynamically distorted perovskite structures is proposed. Based on a complete table of all possible structures, experimental data are re-examined and space group relationships are explained. A list of characteristic features of dynamically distorted perovskite structures is also provided.

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