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Accepted 28 June 2022

Accurate crystal structure of ice VI from X-ray diffraction with Hirshfeld atom refinement

Accurate crystal structures of H2O, D2O and mixed (50%H2O/50%D2O) ice VI obtained by Hirshfeld atom refinement (HAR) of high-pressure single-crystal synchrotron and laboratory X-ray diffraction data are presented. It was possible to obtain O—H bond lengths and anisotropic displacement parameters for disordered hydrogen atoms which are in good agreement with the corresponding results of single-crystal neutron diffraction data. These results show that HAR combined with X-ray diffraction can compete with neutron diffraction in detailed studies of polymorphic forms of ice and crystals of other hydrogen-rich compounds.

Accepted 28 June 2022

Real-space texture and pole-figure analysis using the 3D pair distribution function on a platinum thin film

Accepted 21 June 2022

Complementarity of neutron, XFEL and synchrotron crystallography for defining the structures of metalloenzymes at room temperature

We describe determination of the structure of the multifunctional globin dehaloperoxidase determined by multiple room temperature methods. We compare structures obtained by serial femtosecond crystallography, serial synchrotron crystallography, neutron diffraction and serial Laue crystallography and contrast two oxidation states of the enzyme.

Accepted 20 June 2022

Metal-free enantiomorphic perovskite [dabcoH2]2+[H3O]+Br3 and its one-dimensional polar polymorph

A metal-free and ammonium-free perovskite ABBr3 (where A=1,4-di­aza­bicyclo­[2.2.2]octane dication and B=H3O+) has been obtained in two forms: polymorph α with corner-sharing, and polymorph β with face-sharing octahedra [H3O+]Br6.

Accepted 14 June 2022

Neutron crystallographic analysis of the nucleotide-binding domain of Hsp72 in complex with ADP

The neutron crystallographic structure of the Hsp72–ADP complex is reported.

Accepted 8 June 2022

Self-transformation of solid CaCO3 microspheres into core-shell and hollow hierarchical structures revealed by coherent X-ray diffraction tomography

Coherent X-ray diffraction imaging and 3D X-ray fluorescence were used to visualize in 3D the self-transformation of polycrystalline microspheres of calcium carbonate into hollow and core-shell microspheroid hierarchical structures.

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