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Accepted 18 January 2022

Trends of coordination occurring for rhenium organometallic complexes in proteins as found in the PDB

Accepted 7 January 2022

Negative linear compressibility in Se at ultra-high pressure above 120 GPa

Structural evolutions of selenium on strong compression are still not fully understood, therefore in situ X-ray diffraction measurements up to 210 GPa were carried out. An anomalous negative linear expansion was observed at pressures from 120 to 148 GPa, accompanied by a new isostructural phase transition.

Accepted 6 January 2022

Static and dynamic components of Debye–Waller coefficients in the novel cubic polymorph of low-temperature disordered Cu2ZnSnS4

Disorder greatly affects transport properties, as observed for Cu2ZnSnS4. A novel cubic polymorph of Cu2ZnSnS4 is characterized, and cation disorder is observed in a static contribution to Debye–Waller coefficients.

Accepted 3 January 2022

High-speed high-resolution data collection on a 200 keV cryo-TEM

This study explores parameters for high-speed, high-resolution, single-particle data collection using a 200 keV Talos Arctica equipped with a Gatan K3 DED. Near-atomic resolution electron microscopy maps were obtained from datasets collected as fast as 720 movies per hour.

Accepted 11 December 2021

X-ray structure of the Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction center with an M197 Phe→His substitution clarifies the properties of the mutant complex

Crystal structures of an F(M197)H mutant form of the photosynthetic reaction center obtained using different techniques clarify the optical and electrochemical properties of the primary electron donor and the increased resistance of this mutant complex to denaturation.

Accepted 4 November 2021

Crystal structures of PigF, an O-methyl­transferase involved in prodigiosin-synthetic pathway, reveal an induce-fit substrates recognition mechanism

Crystal structures of apo PigF and SAH bound PigF were determined, the structre analyses revealed an induce-fit substrate recognition model.

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