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Accepted 18 September 2023

Single-crystal quality data from polycrystalline samples: finding the needle in the haystack

Advances in X-ray hardware and software have revolutionized crystallography: now crystal structures can be routinely solved first, with publication-quality datasets collected second. This same approach now allows multi-grain crystallography to be completed in the laboratory with Cu Kα X-rays.

Accepted 14 September 2023

Development of a scalar-based geometric parameterization approach for the crystal structure landscape of dithienylethene-based crystalline solids

The crystal structure landscape of (Z)-1,2-bis­[2-methyl-5-(pyridin-4-yl)thio­phen-3-yl]-1,2-di­phenyl­ethene (DTE) was determined using a combination of computational and experimental molecular geometries. A novel DD analysis was developed which provides a rapid, effective and intuitive means of visualizing the crystal landscape and assessing the conformer type present in and photoactivity of the resulting crystalline solids.

Accepted 11 September 2023

Observing femtosecond orbital dynamics in ultrafast Ge melting with time-resolved resonant X-ray scattering

Bonding orbital dynamics in ultrafast melting have been directly observed using femtosecond time-resolved resonant X-ray scattering at the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory X-ray Free-Electron Laser, and smoking-gun evidence on direct linkage between bonding orbitals and lattice stability unifying thermal-to-nonthermal reactions to explicate photo-induced phase transitions is provided here.

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