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Accepted 16 August 2019

A comparative study of single-particle cryo-EM with liquid-nitrogen and liquid-helium cooling

Radiation damage is the most fundamental limitation for achieving high resolution in cryo-EM, and is expected to be reduced at liquid helium temperature. Surprisingly, cryo-EM reconstructions of apoferritin samples cooled with liquid helium showed no improvement in resolution over liquid nitro­gen cooled samples, but substantially more beam-induced particle motion.

Accepted 13 August 2019

Diversifying Molecular and Topological Space via a Supramolecular Solid-State Synthesis: A Purely Organic mok Net Sustained by Hydrogen Bonds

A hydrogen-bond-directed [2+2] photodimerization performed in the organic solid state is used to generate a head-to-head (HH) cyclo­butane photoproduct functionalized with cis-phenolic and cis-pyridyl groups. The photoproduct self-assembles as a pure form in the solid state to form a rare three-dimensional hydrogen-bonded network with a topology that conforms to a mok net. The construction of the HH cyclo­butane is achieved using a newly introduced supramolecular protecting group strategy.

Accepted 13 August 2019

A cryo-EM grid preparation device for time-resolved structural studies

Time-resolved structural studies are becoming an important tool in understanding biological function. Here we describe a cryo-EM grid freezing device capable of rapidly mixing and plunge freezing grids within 10 ms.

Accepted 9 August 2019

Engineering a surrogate human heteromeric α/β glycine receptor orthosteric site exploiting the structural homology and stability of acetylcholine-binding protein

The development and characterization of a surrogate system to support drug discovery targeting a complex heteromeric human glycine receptor is described.

Accepted 7 August 2019

New Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Model for Polymer Spherulite with Limited Lateral Size of Lamellar Crystals

SAXS in real polymer system is highly from the scattering induced by evanescent wave. An evidence for the existence of the evanescent wave was identified in the scattering of isotactic polypropyl­ene.

Accepted 1 August 2019

The DRS–AIMP2–EPRS subcomplex acts as a pivot in the multi-tRNA synthetase complex

The ternary complex structure of human aspartyl-tRNA synthetase (DRS) and two glutathione S-transferase domains from aminoacyl-tRNA synthase complex-interacting multifunctional protein 2 and glutamyl-prolyl-tRNA synthetase (AIMP2GST and EPRSGST, respectively) was determined at 3.6 Å resolution, providing insight into the pivotal role of the ternary complex within the multi-tRNA synthetase complex.

Accepted 31 July 2019

Conformational characterization of full-length X-chromosome-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein (XIAP) through an integrated approach

The anti-apoptotic multidomain protein XIAP is shown to be a compact dimer in solution as determined by an integrative approach combining NMR, SAXS, EPR and molecular modelling.

Accepted 2 July 2019

Structural insights into stressosome assembly

Stressosome assembly mediated by the STAS domain was analyzed based on the crystal structure of RsbS and the cryo-EM structure of the RsbS–RsbRA complex.

Accepted 19 June 2019

Resolution and dose dependence of radiation damage in biomolecular systems

Data from several radiation-damage studies using protein crystals are reanalyzed to determine the local dose- and resolution-dependent decay of diffracted intensity at T = 100 K. The results are inconsistent with long-accepted models and with a proposed linear scaling between maximum tolerable dose and resolution, but are reproduced by a simple, physics-based model.

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