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Rocking curves of micro-channel (MC) water-cooled monochromators are broadened by stresses introduced during fabrication and under X-ray thermal load. This is a problem which will be even more serious with the rise of the fourth-generation synchrotron sources, i.e. the free-electron lasers. The X-ray optics group at the Institute of Physics at the ASCR v.v.i. in Prague is designing, testing and, with company Polovodiče a.s., fabricating novel internally water-cooled Si monochromators. Here three new micro-channel geometries are introduced which reduce rocking-curve enlargement owing to the fabrication to less than 2.5 µrad (∼0.5 arcsec). All three MC designs show less rocking-curve enlargement and smoother topographic images. The designs also show better cooling efficiencies than the classical MC design in finite-element analysis calculations.

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