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The soft X-ray spectroscopy beamline installed at a bending-magnet source in the LNLS is presented. A technical description of the main elements is given and some selected commissioning results are shown. The beamline optics was designed to cover the soft X-ray energy range from 790 up to 4000 eV. The bending-magnet source has a critical energy of 2.08 keV and delivers ∼1012 photons s−1 mradH−1 (0.1% bandwidth)−1 (100 mA)−1. The focusing element is a gold-coated toroidal mirror operating at an angle of incidence of 1°. The double-crystal monochromator has three pairs of crystals which can be selected by a lateral translation. The UHV experimental station is equipped with an ion gun, an electron gun, a LEED optics and an electron analyser. The beamline is intended for X-ray absorption, photoemission, reflectivity and dichroism experiments. The beamline has been installed, commissioned, and is now open to the external users community.
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