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A computer program named ANKAphase is presented that processes X-ray inline phase-contrast radiographs by reconstructing the projected thickness of the object(s) imaged. The program uses a single-distance non-iterative phase-retrieval algorithm described by David Paganin et al. [(2002), J. Microsc. 206, 33-40]. Allowing for non-negligible absorption in the sample, this method is strictly valid only for monochromatic illumination and single-material objects but tolerates deviations from these conditions, especially polychromaticity. ANKAphase is designed to be applied to tomography data (although it does not perform tomographic reconstruction itself). It can process series of images and perform flat-field and dark-field correction. Written in Java, ANKAphase has an intuitive graphical user interface and can be run either as a stand-alone application or as a plugin to ImageJ, a widely used scientific image-processing program. A description of ANKAphase is given and example applications are shown.

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