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Funding for first phase of 4GLS announced

On 2 April, the UK Government announced the funding (GBP 11.5 million) for the first phase of the fourth-generation light source (4GLS). The funding supports the first phase of the project, a three-year research, development and design study to address the technical challenges and establish the technical know-how needed to build this innovative facility. This will also provide Daresbury with an important resource for research in other areas of accelerator science.

Lord Sainsbury, the UK's Minister for Science, said, "This three-year study into the technology behind 4GLS is an important step towards placing Daresbury at the cutting edge of accelerator science. 4GLS would provide scientists with a first-class facility to conduct vital experiments in many disciplines. Its potential capability is unique in the world, and its capacity to combine a wide range of experiments would establish the UK as a major international player in this technology."

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