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Figure 3
Raman spectra of frozen 50% glycerol, 0.5 M cacodylate pH 8 using 2.6 mW 532 nm laser excitation and a 10 s collection time. Spectra were collected every 10° of loop rotation about the omega axis (Ω). Selected spectra are shown to illustrate the dependence of spectral quality on Ω: 0° (red), 40° (olive), 180° (green), 220° (light blue) and 270° (dark blue). The top of the figure indicates loop orientation at each Ω, with the red and white color scheme distinguishing the two flat faces. The right-handed coordinate system at beamline X26-C has the X-ray beam travelling along x, the crystal rotation axis parallel to y, and the Raman spectroscopy axis along z. The 600 lines mm−1 grating and a 1 mm spectrometer entrance slit size were used. The assignment of the symmetric AsO2 stretch of cacodylate is from Thuy et al. (2010BB18); those for glycerol are from Mendelovici et al. (2000BB10).

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