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Figure 3
Plots of photoelectron and Auger line widths derived from an energy-converted xenon spectrum recorded at [\lambda] = 16.6 nm and [U_{\rm{ret}}] = 0 V, averaged from 600 FEL shots, as a function of the size of the aperture in front of the OPIS instrument. Values are absolute experimental line widths (circles) and calculated line width corresponding to the temporal width [\delta t_{\rm{mcp}}] of the MCP detector (squares). All data points are mean values of the widths from the four eTOF spectra, weighted with the width error. The kinetic energies of the photo- and Auger electrons are given in the legend. Numbers in the Auger line designation correspond to the notation of Werme et al. (1972BB27). From the Xe 4d signals an upper limit for the FLASH2 spectral width [\delta E_{h\nu}] = 0.5 eV can be derived.

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