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Figure 4
Uncertainty [\Delta E_{\rm{kin}}] of the kinetic energy of detected photoelectrons arising from the uncertainty [\Delta\tau] of the flight time, estimated by solely the acceptance angle of the spectrometer (thin solid lines), the error of the peak position parameter of the photoelectron line profile fitting procedure (dashed lines), and the residuals of the time-to-energy conversion calibration fit function with respect to the calibration input data (dash-dotted line), which have been adapted to an exponential function of the kinetic energy. The thick solid line represents the combined experimental uncertainty regarding the determination of the central FEL wavelength. The results are plotted in different colors for three retardation potentials [U_{\rm{ret}}] of 0 V, 25 V and 50 V versus the final kinetic energy [E_{\rm{kin,final}}] = [E_{\rm{kin}} - U_{\rm{ret}}].

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