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Figure 5
(a, b) Calculated soft X-ray absorption spectra for a TiO6 cluster with photon polarization parallel ([E\parallel c]) and perpendicular ([E\perp c]) to the crystal c-axis at different [\Delta_{t2g}] values and different [\Delta_{eg}] values, i.e. −300, −240, −120, −60, 0, 60, 120, 240 and 300 meV from top to bottom spectra. The crystal field splitting value is shown beside the corresponding plot in units of meV. (c, d) Normalized linear dichroic spectra, i.e. ([{\rm{XAS}}_{E\perp,c}][{\rm{XAS}}_{E\parallel c}])/[(2Ix+Iz)/3] for different [\Delta_{t2g}] and [\Delta_{eg}] values.

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