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Figure 2
Panels (a) and (b) show the Fe L3-edge X-ray absorption images for h+ and h-, respectively. The Fe L3-edge XMCD image obtained from the subtraction of (a) and (b) is shown in (c). Panels (d) and (e) show the helicity-averaged X-ray absorption images at the Fe L3- and Nd M4-edges, respectively. Panels (f) and (g) show the Fe L3-edge XMCD images at applied fields of +8 T and −8 T, respectively. Red and blue colors in the XMCD images indicate that [{\mu_{\rm{m}}}] is positive and negative, respectively. The x- and y-directions coincide with those in Fig. 1[link]. The XMCD images in panels (c), (f) and (g) have been normalized by their respective helicity-averaged X-ray absorption images.

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