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Figure 4
Iron maps taken at various pinhole apertures, all acquired with a 5 ms dwell time and a beam energy of 7500 eV. (a) 50 µm pinhole with a 200 µm step size, acquisition time ∼40 min. Red arrowheads show the position of support wires seen in Fig. 3[link](b). (b) 50 µm pinhole with a 50 µm step size. This map consists of four individual map sections taking an overall acquisition time of ∼11 h 15 min. (c) Magnified section of the red box in (b). (d) Magnified view of the 200 µm step-size map taken from the yellow box in panel (a). (e) The corresponding area in (d) mapped with a 25 µm pinhole and a 25 µm step size. The red dotted circles mark common features in the maps. Panel (e) map acquisition time = ∼2 h but the map shown is ∼50% of the total map area acquired. (f) False-color composite image of Fe (red), K (green) and Ca (blue). (g) XRF spectrum average across most of the map area in (f) with the element emission peaks highlighted in the corresponding colors to the map. All scale bars in panels (a), (b) and (c) = 10 mm, panel (e) = 1 mm.

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