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Figure 6
A schematic diagram of the fluorescence EDXAS setup. The pink beam (bottom), after reflection by a set of KB mirrors, arrives at the polychromator (right) and is diffracted with a different angle for each energy. The focal spot of the polychromatic fan of radiation lies in the sample. A pair of slits in the middle of the polychromatic fan selects the energy of X-rays impinging on the sample. An Si PIN diode before the sample measures I0 and another on one side of the sample placed at 90° from the incoming beam detects the fluorescence yield (I1) for the selected energy. The IR spectra can be measured at the same time: the laser is reflected by the flat inclined mirrors towards the spherical dome and then to the sample; the light which is not absorbed is reflected back following the same path until it reaches a beam splitter, which sends it to the detector. The output gas flow is connected to a mass spectrometer so that chemical reactions involving the gas phase can be followed.

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