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Figure 8
In situ X-ray monitoring of CoOx-Bi OEC during film growth on an ITO/GCA WE with 40 µm pores. The traces show background-subtracted [electrolyte-filled reference area as indicated in Fig. 2[link](d)] HEXS patterns collected with 4.5 min integration at 5 min time intervals during continuous electrolytic CoOx-Bi film deposition from an electrolyte solution containing 0.1 M potassium borate, pH 9.2, and 0.5 mM Co(NO3)2·6H2O with 1.4 V (versus NHE) applied potential. For reference, the vertical lines mark the positions of the scattering peaks at q = 2.43 Å−1, q = 4.10 Å−1 and q = 6.31 Å−1 as seen in the first HEXS pattern. HEXS patterns were shifted vertically by multiplication for clarity. The X-ray beam was defined by 0.1 mm horizontal and 0.5 mm vertical slit apertures.

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