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Figure 5
(a) A representative virtual histological slice in the xy-plane of Sample A obtained by the parallel-beam configuration with 10 mm propagation distance is shown. Gray values encode the reconstructed phase shifts. The dashed blue square indicates the area of the image in (b). The dashed red square indicates the area of the right-hand slice in (c). (b) For a correlative histological assessment by H&E staining, a slice was taken and stained after the tomographic acquisition to identify structures of the virtual slice. The dashed red square indicates the left-hand slice in (c). (c) Comparison of morphological structures in the magnified areas of (a) and (b) indicating that the morphology is matched well. With the H&E stained section, the cluster of cells in the center of the ROI was confirmed to be an islet of Langerhans (left). The same islet of Langerhans is also visible in the virtual slice (right). (d) 3D volume rendering of the entire Sample A. Inserted are both the virtual slice of (a) and an exemplary volume for the high-resolution tomogram. Scale bars in (a) and (b): 100 µm; and (c) 20 µm.

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