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Figure 7
(a, d) Longitudinal and polar MOKE loops (see labels) of Pt/Co/Pt test samples irradiated with fluence (1) F = 2.8 × 1014 ions cm−2 and (2) F = 5.7 × 1015 ions cm−2. For both samples, the measurements were carried out at 3° from extinction using the following acquisition parameters: AC gain = 5× [10× for the longitudinal loop in part (a)], DC gain = 1×, PEM frequency f = 50.037 kHz and lock-in amplifier tuned on 2f. Each data set is the average of five loops; 160 (320) data points were acquired for longitudinal (polar) scans. The overall acquisition time was 339 s (678 s). (b, c; e, f) Co L3 edge (h = 778.1 eV) XMCD-PEEM images of the same samples at room temperature after demagnetization by a slowly decreasing oscillating magnetic field oriented along the out-of-plane direction. The XMCD asymmetry is indicated on the left. The same specimen region is depicted before and after sample rotation by 180° with respect to the direction of the photon beam. The inversion of contrast demonstrates in-plane magnetic anisotropy. The red contour helps visualization of the same domain.

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