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Figure 9
(a) The O K-edge XAS of LSCO at 23 K measured with the fluorescence yield mode with X-rays of σ polarization. (b) RIXS spectrum of LSCO with the incident energy tuned to ZRS with q = 0.12[{{2\pi} \over {a}}] and q = 1.0[{{2\pi} \over {c}}]. The duration of exposure to record the RIXS data shown in the black circles was 2 h. The red curve is the summation of the fitted com­ponents and a linear background function. Other colour curves are fitted Voigt functions for elastic scattering and phonon excitations. The inset illustrates the scattering geometry with q = kinkout, in which kin and kout are incident and scattered wavevectors, respectively. a and c are crystallographic axes of LSCO. The scattering angle 2θ was 150°.

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