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Figure 8
A fragment of Z0 of Fly and the corresponding [{Z_{0\,}{\bigcirc\kern-8.5pt\ast}\,\,{g_{{\rm{d}}}}}] (top), and a fragment of Z *0 with the corresponding [{Z^{\,*}_{0\,}{\bigcirc\kern-8.5pt\ast}\,\,{g_{{\rm{d}}}}}] (bottom). For [{Z_{0\,}{\bigcirc\kern-8.5pt\ast}\,\,{g_{{\rm{d}}}}}] and [{Z^{\,*}_{0\,}{\bigcirc\kern-8.5pt\ast}\,\,{g_{{\rm{d}}}}}], 50%-gray pixel color in the figure corresponds to value 0 in the data. Note how most of the signal of the sinogram fragments is not present in the convolved arrays, facilitating the estimation of the streak noise statistics. Although [{Z_{0\,}{\bigcirc\kern-8.5pt\ast}\,\,{g_{{\rm{d}}}}}] and [{Z^{\,*}_{0\,}{\bigcirc\kern-8.5pt\ast}\,\,{g_{{\rm{d}}}}}] look very similar, careful visual inspection reveals slight differences similar to those between [{\eta\! = \!\eta_{k}}] in Figure 1[link] and [\eta^{\,*}_{k}] in Figure 7[link].

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