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Figure 2
(a) An overview of the assembly that provides X-ray beam attenuation, images the X-ray beam and supports the Uniblitz fast shutter for the high-throughput endstation (the beam direction is from right to left). The assembly is shown mounted on the beamline's exit-window beampipe via a split-clamp assembly. Two micrometer stages allow manual alignment of the assembly into the X-ray beam after installation, with individual modules pre-aligned on a rail and a metal bellows flight path supported by a cage frame. The entire assembly is maintained under an He atmosphere, and surfaces between individual modules are sealed with O rings or directly screwed into one another to minimize gas leakage. Part (b) shows an expanded view of the exit-window assembly that directly attaches to the 4.5 inch CF flange containing the beamline's diamond exit window. The protective cover is shown as translucent blue. Inside, an eight-position attenuator wheel is connected via a belt to a stepper motor for positioning. A pneumatic solenoid drives a copper slug that serves as a sample shutter (shown in the down position). The interior environment is purged with He to reduce X-ray attenuation and minimize damage to the diamond window from ozone production.

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