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Figure 5
Various anvils and assemblies designed for the LVP. (a) First-stage (i, ii and iii), second-stage (iv `Kawai', v, vi and vii `cubic') and third-stage (viii) anvils. (b) Half-built assembly for the `Kawai' compression geometry. The octahedral pressure medium with a sample inside is compressed by eight WC cube-shaped anvils. (c) Large alignment frame for the cubic compression geometry for WC cylindrical-shaped anvils. Inside the frame, a small alignment frame with smaller third-stage WC/SD anvils (also cylindrical in shape) can be placed. In both geometries, the pressure medium is cubic with a sample inside. (d) LVP with the assembly from (c) inside, compressed by the large blue hydraulic rams. The conical cuts for the diffracted X-rays and beam exit are clearly visible in the anvils and assembly, respectively.

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