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Figure 8
(a) 2D-XAS and (b) 2D-XPS intensity maps of a copper grid (200 mesh). The absorption intensity at the C K-edge (hν = 285.2 eV) and the photoemission intensity of the C 1s peak acquired at hν = 400 eV (indicated by arrows in the upper left panels showing the XAS and XPS spectra) were monitored to visualize grid images. The 1000 lines mm−1 VLSG and the exit-slit width of 30 µm were used. The incidence angles of the light were 0° (normal incidence) for the XAS scan and 65° for the XPS scans, as schematically drawn at the upper right parts. In the Y-axis scan, the measurements were made with a 10 µm step for both XAS and XPS. Along the Z axis, the measurement intervals were set to be 10 and 5 µm for the XAS and XPS scans, respectively. Ellipses drawn at the bottom of the 2D images represent the estimated sizes of the light irradiation areas: 73 µm (H) × 12 µm (V) for 2D-XAS and 184 µm (H) × 13 µm (V) for 2D-XPS. Intensity modulations along yellow horizontal and vertical lines are shown at the top and right side of each 2D image, respectively. A part of the differential curve of the intensity curve along the Z axis is shown by a blue line in each right-side panel.

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