Figure 2
Perspective view of the unit cell along b showing the proposed structure model of S124 as obtained from ADT data by [delta]M recycling and by posterior crystal chemical interpretation (only bonds between atoms inside one unit cell are represented; the maximum bond length is 3.15 Å). Large (green) circles: Sr; small circles at the vertices of the P tetrahedra are: N (light blue) and O (red). Atom O1 is linked to one P and three Sr and was already identified by Sedlmaier et al. (2011BB37). The structure propagates along b through the bridging N1, N2, N3, N4, O2, O3 atoms lying on a mirror plane and connecting each one to two mirror-related P tetrahedra (for clarity, symmetry-related bridging N,O have not been labelled). In the proposed simpler model, the bridging atoms not bound to Sr are assumed to be O atoms (O2, O3).  [article HTML]

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