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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances.

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Accepted 22 August 2016

Observing structural reorientations at solvent-nanoparticle interfaces by X-ray diffraction - putting water in the spotlight

Nanoparticles and solvents interact and interdependently change their structural arrangement, as probed by X-ray pair distribution function.

Accepted 22 August 2016

Sphere packings as a tool for the description of martensitic phase transformations

Martensitic phase transformations are described by means of group-subgroup relations and sphere-packing considerations.

Accepted 16 August 2016

An alternative to the Goodness of Fit

A robust alternative to the Goodness of Fit is derived, aGoFs, and a systematic error in the experimental s.u.s is found with the help of the aGoFs, which effectively veils the presence of other systematic errors.

Accepted 29 July 2016

Direct Observation of Incommensurate Structure in Mo3Si

Accepted 25 July 2016

Residue-based scattering factors

Accepted 23 July 2016

Qu­antitative theory of diffraction by ordered coaxial nanotubes: reciprocal lattice and diffraction pattern indexing

The reciprocal lattice of an ordered coaxial nanotube, its relation to nanotube lattice parameters and the diffraction pattern indexing approach are developed on the basis of a quantitative theory of diffraction.

Accepted 18 July 2016

A topological coordinate system for the diamond cubic grid

The diamond cubic grid is one of the usual cubic crystal structures. The Voronoi cells are triakis truncated tetrahedra having four hexagon and 12 triangle faces, 30 edges and 16 vertices. A symmetric coordinate system is presented that addresses not only the voxels, but also the faces, edges and vertices between them. In this way, not only volumes, but also surfaces, or paths containing edges can be easily described and visualized.

Accepted 4 July 2016

Mathematical Stereochemistry

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