forthcoming articles

The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances.

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Accepted 14 June 2016

Indirect Fourier transform in the context of statistical inference

This article discusses the Indirect Fourier Transform (IFT) in the context of complementary statistical inference frameworks in order to determine objectively a solution, which then allows one to automatize model-free analysis of small-angle scattering data. Moreover, modern machine learning methods are used to get the most robust solution.

Accepted 8 June 2016

The crystallographic chameleon: when space groups change skin

This paper describes alternative settings of space groups: what they are, why they can be useful and how to obtain them.

Accepted 23 May 2016

Frequency analysis for modulation-enhanced powder diffraction

A periodic modulation of experimental conditions would affect both intensities and Bragg angles for the diffraction lines. A frequency response (a series of harmonics) has been derived analytically and compared with a simulated modulation experiment.

Accepted 18 April 2016

Dynamical focusing by bent, asymmetrically cut perfect crystals in Laue geometry

The focusing performances of bent Laue crystals are shown to be strongly sensitive to a small degree of asymmetry.

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