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Accepted 14 March 2019

A simple and versatile microfluidic device for efficient biomacromolecule crystallization and structural analysis by serial crystallography

An innovative microfluidic design is described for simple biomacromolecule crystallization by counter-diffusion allowing semi-automated structural analysis by serial crystallography at room temperature. ChipX3 functionalities are demonstrated using case studies leading to high resolution structures of four proteins and one RNA.

Accepted 6 March 2019

Cryo-EM reveals the asymmetric assembly of squid hemocyanin

The cryo-EM structure of squid hemocyanin, obtained using a multi-symmetry refinement protocol in SPHIRE , reveals an unexpected breaking of fivefold symmetry in the central ring and a striking arrangement of the subunits.

Accepted 6 March 2019

Stress-induced detwinning and martensite transformation in an austenite Ni–Mn–Ga alloy with martensite cluster under uniaxial loading

A dual-phase Ni–Mn–Ga alloy, composed of an austenite matrix with stably existing martensite embryos, was designed for the experimental and theoretical investigation of the evolution of the crystallographic structure during step-wise stress-induced martensite detwinning and martensite transformation. This research provides an insight into the detwinning mechanisms of a hierarchical twinning structure and crystallographic characterization of a three-stage austenite–martensite transformation.

Accepted 25 February 2019

Determination of the molecular basis for coprogen import by Gram-negative bacteria

This work presents the crystal structure and functional characterization of FhuE, the bacterial outer membrane transporter responsible for the import of coprogen. Coprogen is an iron-scavenging compound produced by fungi and FhuE allows bacteria to engage in iron piracy from fungal competitors.

Accepted 24 February 2019

Accepted 20 February 2019

High-viscosity injector-based Pink Beam Serial Crystallography of Micro-crystals at a Synchrotron Radiation Source

This manuscript presents the first injector-based serial crystallography (SX) experiments carried out at a pink X-ray beam source, the BioCARS beamline at the Advanced Photon Source (APS). Micro-crystals of human A2A adenosine receptor (A2AAR) and proteinase K were screened, and the structures determined were to 4.2 Å and 1.8 Å resolution, respectively.

Accepted 20 February 2019

Understanding the formation of multiply twinned structure in decahedral intermetallic nanoparticles

The formation of multiply twinned structures in decahedral intermetallic nanoparticles has been explored and a general framework was proposed to understand it.

Accepted 17 February 2019

Subatomic resolution X-ray structures of green fluorescent protein

Subatomic resolution X-ray structures of green fluorescent protein are reported.

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