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Accepted 4 April 2014

The benefit of the European User Community from transnational access to national radiation facilities

E. Barrier, F. M. Braz Fernandes, M. Bujan, M. C. Feiters, A. Froideval, J. Ghijsen, T. Hase, M. A. Hough, M. Jergel, I. Jimenez, T. Kajander, A. Kikas, M. Kokkinidis, L. Kover, H. B. Larsen, D. M. Lawson, K. Lawniczak-Jablonska, C. Mariani, P. Mikulik, J. Monnier, S. Morera, C. McGuinness, P. Müller-Buschbaum, M. Meedom Nielson, U. Pietsch, M. Tromp, M. Simon, J. Stangl and G. Zanotti

Synopsis: Owing to its success in promoting connections between users and facilities, the European Synchrotron User Organization champions the continuation of transnational access to national radiation sources in the European research area.

Accepted 31 March 2014

A tunable wedge-shaped absorber for hard X-ray synchrotron applications

C. Krywka, M. Brix and M. Müller

Synopsis: s

Accepted 29 March 2014

Development of a microsecond X-ray protein footprinting facility at the Advanced Light Source

S. Gupta, R. Celestre, C. J. Petzold, M. R. Chance and C. Ralston

Synopsis: Radiolytic labeling is established as a collaborative program at the Advanced Light Source (ALS). Results indicate that white-light bend-magnet beamlines at the ALS produce flux densities high enough to allow microsecond exposures yielding sufficient modification to conduct footprinting experiments, representing a significant advance for the footprinting experiment.

Accepted 27 March 2014

Spectral modulation of higher harmonic spontaneous emission from an optical klystron

N. Sei, H. Ogawa, K. Yamada, M. Koike and H. Ohgaki

Accepted 27 March 2014

Characterization of spatial coherence of synchrotron radiation with non-redundant arrays of apertures

P. Skopintsev, A. Singer, J. Bach, L. Müller, B. Beyersdorff, S. Schleitzer, O. Gorobtsov, A. Shabalin, R. P. Kurta, D. Dzhigaev, O. M. Yefanov, L. Glaser, A. Sakdinawat, Y. Liu, G. Grübel, R. Frömter, H. P. Oepen, J. Viefhaus and I. A. Vartanyants

Accepted 26 March 2014

The multi-purpose hard X-ray beamline BL10 at the DELTA storage ring

D. Lützenkirchen-Hecht, R. Wagner, S. Szillat, A. K. Hüsecken, K. Istomin, U. Pietsch and R. Frahm

Synopsis: The layout and the characteristics of the hard X-ray beamline BL10 at the superconducting asymmetric wiggler at the 1.5 GeV Dortmund Electron Accelerator DELTA are described.

Accepted 26 March 2014

Pulse-resolved multi-photon X-ray detection at 31 MHz based on a quadrant avalanche photodiode

T. Reusch, M. Osterhoff, J. Agricola and T. Salditt

Synopsis: The technical realisation as well as the first commissioning experiments of a high-speed X-ray detection scheme based on a quadrant avalanche silicon photodiode for single-pulse multiphoton detection of synchrotron radiation are described. It is shown that the detector is able to record the exact number of photons for each pulse continuously at a repetition rate of [greater-than or equal to]31 MHz.

Accepted 26 March 2014

Efficient focusing of 8 keV X-rays with multilayer Fresnel zone plates fabricated by atomic layer deposition and focused ion beam milling. Erratum

M. Mayer, K. Keskinbora, C. Grévent, A. Szeghalmi, M. Knez, M. Weigand, A. Snigirev, I. Snigireva and G. Schütz

Synopsis: Corrections to the article by Mayer et al. [J. Synchrotron Rad. (2013), 20, 433-440] are given.

Accepted 24 March 2014

Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors to focus hard X-rays in two dimensions as fabricated, tested and installed at the Advanced Photon Source

N. Kujala, S. Marathe, D. Shu, B. Shi, J. Qian, E. Maxey, L. Finney, A. Macrander and L. Assoufid

Synopsis: Fixed-geometry elliptical Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors for micro-focusing of hard X-rays are pre-qualified at the optics and detector testing beamline of the Advanced Photon Source and then installed at an Advanced Photon Source micro-probe beamline for user science.

Accepted 24 March 2014

A hybrid method for X-ray optics simulation: combining geometric ray-tracing and wavefront propagation

X. Shi, R. Reininger, M. Sanchez del Rio and L. Assoufid

Accepted 17 March 2014

Exploiting coherence for real-time studies by single-bunch imaging

A. Rack, M. Scheel, L. Hardy, C. Curfs, A. Bonnin and H. Reichert

Synopsis: First real-time studies of ultra-fast processes by means of a single-bunch imaging technique at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility are reported. Both absorption contrast and phase contrast are accessible thanks to propagation distances of several metres.

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