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Accepted 7 August 2014

Quantitative and dynamic measurements of biological fresh samples with X-ray phase contrast tomography

M. Hoshino, K. Uesugi, T. Tsukube and N. Yagi

Synopsis: X-ray phase contrast tomography, quantitative imaging, three-dimensional densitometry, dynamic imaging.

Accepted 1 August 2014

Solvent minimization induces preferential orientation and crystal clustering in serial micro-crystallography on micro-meshes, in situ plates, and on a movable crystal conveyor belt

A. S. Soares, J. D. Mullen, R. M. Parekh, G. S. McCarthy, C. G. Roessler, R. Jackimowicz, J. M. Skinner, A. M. Orville, M. Allaire and R. M. Sweet

Accepted 1 August 2014

Investigation of short-range structural order in Zr69.5Cu12Ni11Al7.5 and Zr41.5Ti41.5Ni17 glasses, using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and ab-initio molecular dynamics simulations

D. Lahiri, S. M. Sharma, A. K. Verma, B. Vishwanadh, G. K. Dey, G. Schumacher, T. Scherb, H. Riesemeier, U. Reinholz, M. Radtke and S. Banerjee

Accepted 30 July 2014

Visualization of microvessels by angiography using inverse-Compton scattering X-rays in animal models

T. Fujii, N. Fukuyama, C. Tanaka, Y. Ikeya, Y. Shinozaki, T. Kawai, T. Atsumi, T. Shiraishi, E. Sato, R. Kuroda, H. Toyokawa, K. Yamada, Y. Ikari and H. Mori

Accepted 24 July 2014

IDATEN and G-SITENNO: GUI-assisted software for coherent X-ray diffraction imaging experiments and data analyses at SACLA

Y. Sekiguchi, M. Yamamoto, T. Oroguchi, Y. Takayama, S. Suzuki and M. Nakasako

Synopsis: To control a diffractometer and to perform data processing, two software suites with user-friendly graphical user interfaces have been developed to efficiently perform cryogenic coherent X-ray diffraction imaging experiments on non-crystalline particles using an X-ray free-electron laser.

Accepted 23 July 2014

Radiation dose and image quality in K-edge subtraction computed tomography of lung in vivo

S. Strengell, J. Keyriläinen, P. Suortti, S. Bayat, A. R. A. Sovijärvi and L. Porra

Synopsis: Radiation dose dependency of image quality was showed in in vivo rabbit lung images with and without a contrast agent using the synchrotron-radiation-based K-edge subtraction method. Consistency of the theoretical and measured radiation dose rate values was found.

Accepted 22 July 2014

Generalized Titarenko's algorithm for ring artefacts reduction

E. X. Miqueles, J. Rinkel, F. O'Dowd and J. S. V. Bermúdez

Synopsis: A fast algorithm for ring artefact reduction in high resolution micro-tomography with synchrotron radiation is presented.

Accepted 16 July 2014

Full-field X-ray reflection microscopy of epitaxial thin-films

N. Laanait, Z. Zhang, C. M. Schlepütz, J. Vila-Comamala, M. J. Highland and P. Fenter

Synopsis: The novel capabilities of a newly designed full-field X-ray reflection microscope to image a thin film with 70 nm resolution and sub-second exposures are demonstrated.

Accepted 16 July 2014

High-throughput synchrotron X-ray diffraction for combinatorial phase mapping

J. M. Gregoire, D. G. Van Campen, C. E. Miller, R. Jones, S. K. Suram and A. Mehta

Accepted 14 July 2014

Quantifying phosphoric acid in high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell components by X-ray tomographic microscopy

S. H. Eberhardt, F. Marone, M. Stampanoni, F. N. Büchi and T. J. Schmidt

Synopsis: The methodology for applying propagation-based phase contrast imaging on high-temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells for quantification of phosphoric acid in the different fuel cell components is described.

Accepted 11 July 2014

Collateral circulation prevents masticatory muscle impairment in rat middle cerebral artery occlusion model

F. Yuan, X. Lin, Y. Guan, Z. Mu, K. Chen, Y. Wang and G.-Y. Yang

Accepted 11 July 2014

A high-precision instrument for mapping of rotational errors in rotary stages

W. Xu, K. Lauer, Y. Chu and E. Nazaretski

Synopsis: A high-precision instrument suitable for mapping rotational errors in rotary stages has been developed. By performing comprehensive characterization of rotational errors, the performance of tomography systems can be drastically improved.

Accepted 9 July 2014

Scientific data exchange: a schema for HDF5-based storage of raw and analyzed data

F. De Carlo, D. Gürsoy, F. Marone, M. Rivers, D. Y. Parkinson, F. Khan, N. Schwarz, D. J. Vine, S. Vogt, S.-C. Gleber, S. Narayanan, M. Newville, T. Lanzirotti, Y. Sun, Y. P. Hong and C. Jacobsen

Accepted 7 July 2014

Photon statistics and speckle visibility spectroscopy with partially coherent X-rays

L. Li, P. Kwasniewski, D. Orsi, L. Wiegart, L. Cristofolini, C. Charona and A. Fluerasu

Accepted 2 July 2014

Characteristics of a tapered undulator for the X-ray absorption fine-structure technique at PLS-II

N.-E. Sung, I.-J. Lee, S.- Jeong and S.-W. Kang

Accepted 26 June 2014

Revisit to diffraction anomalous fine structure

T. Kawaguchi, K. Fukuda, K. Tokuda, K. Shimada, T. Ichitsubo, M. Oishi, J. Mizuki and E. Matsubara


Accepted 25 June 2014

Biological soft X-ray tomography on beamline 2.1 at the Advanced Light Source

M. A. Le Gros, G. McDermott, B. P. Cinquin, E. A. Smith, M. Do, W. L. Chao, P. P. Naulleau and C. A. Larabell

Synopsis: Beamline 2.1, a transmission soft X-ray microscope at the Advanced Light Source of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is described.

Accepted 25 June 2014

Path degeneracy and EXAFS analysis of disordered materials

B. Ravel

Synopsis: A method simplifying EXAFS analysis of highly disordered materials is presented.

Accepted 24 June 2014

An unconventional method for measuring the Tc L3-edge of technetium compounds

P. E. R. Blanchard, E. Reynolds, B. J. Kennedy, C. D. Ling, Z. Zhang, G. Thorogood, B. C. C. Cowie and L. Thomsen

Accepted 23 June 2014

A new detector for sub-millisecond EXAFS spectroscopy at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

I. Kantor, J.-C. Labiche, E. Collet, L. Siron, J.-J. Thevenin, C. Ponchut, J. Borrel, T. Mairs, C. Marini, C. Strohm, O. Mathon and P. Pascarelli

Synopsis: The design and performance of the new sub-millisecond detector for time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy at ID24 at the ESRF is described.

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