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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 3 March 2017

Non-contact luminescence lifetime cryothermometry for macromolecular crystallography

The concept and practical implementation of a system for remote monitoring of the temperature of protein crystals down to 10 K using a microscopic bis­muth germinate scintillation sensor are presented.

Accepted 1 March 2017

A high-pressure single-crystal-diffraction experimental system at 4W2 beamline of BSRF

An experimental system has been developed at beamline 4W2 of the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility to perform high-pressure single-crystal diffraction. The design and operation of this system are reported together with a recent result to illustrate its performance.

Accepted 28 February 2017

Fresnel zone plate with apodized aperture for hard X-ray Gaussian beam optics

A modified Fresnel zone plate has been developed to realise Gaussian beam optics in the hard X-ray region. Optical properties have been evaluated using X-ray microbeam optics.

Accepted 9 February 2017

Nanofabrication and characterization of a grating-based condenser for uniform illumination with hard X-rays

An X-ray condenser based on gratings has been successfully fabricated and its optical character measured.

Accepted 6 February 2017

Radiography registration for mosaic tomography

A hybrid method to stitch X-ray computed tomography datasets is proposed and the feasibility to apply the scheme in a synchrotron tomography beamline with micrometre resolution is shown.

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