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Accepted 11 February 2015

XAS and XMCD studies of magnetic properties modifications of Pt/Co/Au and Pt/Co/Pt trilayers induced by Ga+ ions irradiation

P. Mazalski, I. Sveklo, Z. Kurant, K. Ollefs, A. Rogalev, F. Wilhelm, J. Fassbender, L. T. Baczewski, A. Wawro and A. Maziewski

Synopsis: The presented results show the comparative results in interface mixing under 30 kev Ga+ ion irradiation of ultrathin trilayers Pt/Co/Pt and Pt/Co/Au and their influence on the amplitude of magnetic anisotropy.

Accepted 10 February 2015

XAFCA: A new XAFS beamline for catalysis research

Y. Du, Y. Zhu, S. Xi, P. Yang, H. O. Moser, M. B. H. Breese and A. Borgna

Synopsis: XAFCA is a new X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) spectroscopy beamline for fundamental and applied catalysis research, built by the Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences (ICES) and the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source (SSLS). XAFCA covers the photon energy range from 1.2 keV to 12.8 keV. It incorporates an "in-situ" cell, being able to operate in the temperature range from 4.2 to 1000 K, a pressure up to 30 bar conditions and under flowing gases for in-situ XAS studies on catalysis and materials science.

Accepted 3 February 2015

Data Analysis WorkbeNch (DAWN)

M. Basham, J. Filik, M. T. Wharmby, P. C. Y. Chang, B. El Kassaby, M. Gerring, J. Aishima, K. Levik, B. C. A. Pulford, I. Sikharulidze, D. Sneddon, M. Webber, S. S. Dhesi, F. Maccherozzi, O. Svensson, S. Brockhauser, G. Náray and A. W. Ashton

Synopsis: DAWN is a generic data analysis software platform that has been developed for use at synchrotron beamlines for data visualization and analysis. Its generic design makes it suitable for use in a range of scientific and engineering applications.

Accepted 2 February 2015

Beamline P02.1 at PETRA III for high-resolution and high-energy powder diffraction

A.-C. Dippel, H.-P. Liermann, J. T. Delitz, P. Walter, H. Schulte-Schrepping, O. H. Seeck and H. Franz

Synopsis: By providing the capabilities for high-resolution, high-energy and time-resolved powder X-ray diffraction, beamline P02.1 is a versatile tool to tackle various problems in materials science, crystallography and chemistry. By providing the capabilities for high-resolution, high-energy and time-resolved powder X-ray diffraction, beamline P02.1 is a versatile tool to tackle various problems in materials science, crystallography and chemistry.

Accepted 28 January 2015

General method for automatic on-line beamline optimization based on genetic algorithm

S. Xi, L. S. Borgna and Y. Du

Synopsis: It is essential but inconvenient to perform high-quality on-line optimization for synchrotron radiation beamlines. To solve this problem, a general method based on the genetic algorithm for automatic beamline optimization is introduced.

Accepted 27 January 2015

X-rays only when you want them: optimized pump-probe experiments using pseudo-single-bunch operation

M. P. Hertlein, A. Scholl, A. A. Cordones, J. H. Lee, K. Engelhorn, T. E. Glover, B. Barbrel, C. Sun, C. Steier, G. Portmann and D. S. Robin

Synopsis: The first use of pseudo-single-bunch pulse picking in time-resolved experiments at the Advanced Light Source is reported. The pseudo-single-bunch technique improves signal to noise and drastically reduces dose-induced sample damage.

Accepted 24 January 2015

The In situ growth of Nanostructures on Surfaces (INS) endstation of the ESRF BM32 beamline: a combined UHV-CVD and MBE reactor for in situ X-ray scattering investigations of growing nanoparticles and semiconductor nanowires

V. Cantelli, O. Geaymond, O. Ulrich, T. Zhou, N. Blanc and G. Renaud

Synopsis: The upgraded INS endstation of the InterFace beamline IF-BM32 at the ESRF is presented.

Accepted 22 January 2015

Performance optimization of a bendable parabolic cylinder collimating X-ray mirror for the ALS micro-XAS beamline 10.3.2

V. V. Yashchuk, G. Y. Morrison, M. A. Marcus, E. E. Domning, D. J. Merthe, F. Salmassi and B. V. Smith

Synopsis: Details of an original design of a bendable parabolic cylinder collimating X-ray mirror with active temperature stabilization are presented. The design grants assembly without spurious stresses, optimal alignment and shaping of the mirror. A motorized sagittal motion allows new areas of the mirror to be used when the current area is damaged or contaminated.

Accepted 22 January 2015

Synchrotron radiation Mössbauer spectra of a rotating absorber with implications for testing velocity and acceleration time dilation

Y. Friedman, E. Yudkin, I. Nowik, I. Felner, H.-C. Wille, R. Röhlsberger, J. Haber, G. Wortmann, S. Arogeti, M. Friedman, Z. Brand, N. Levi, I. Shafir, O. Efrati, T. Frumson, A. Finkelstein, A. I. Chumakov, I. Kantor and R. Rüffer

Accepted 22 January 2015

Characterization of a Pt mirror to be used to deflect synchrotron radiation beam onto Langmuir monolayers

C. E. P. Vieira, A. M. Gasperini, P. P. S. Freitas, R. G. Oliveira and L. P. Cavalcanti

Synopsis: A homemade mirror for X-rays has been built to prepare a diffraction beamline for liquid surface diffraction and scattering measurements.

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