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Accepted 25 March 2015

Pulse energy measurement at the SXR instrument

S. Moeller, G. Brown, G. Dakovski, B. Hill, M. Holmes, J. Loos, R. Maida, E. Paiser, W. Schlotter, J. J. Turner, A. Wallace, U. Jastrow, S. Kreis, A. A. Sorokin and K. Tiedtke

Synopsis: A gas monitor detector was implemented and characterized at the Soft X-ray Research instrument (SXR) to measure the average, absolute and pulse-resolved photon flux of the LCLS beam in the energy range between 280 and 2000 eV.

Accepted 24 March 2015

Combining THz laser excitation with resonant soft X-ray scattering at the Linac Coherent Light Source

J. J. Turner, G. L. Dakovski, M. Hoffmann, H. Y. Hwang, A. Zarem, W. F. Schlotter, S. Moeller, M. P. Minitti, U. Staub, S. Johnson, A. Mitra, M. Swiggers, P. Noonan, G. I. Curiel and M. Holmes

Synopsis: This paper describes new instrumentation developments at the LCLS for materials studies using THz laser excitation and resonant soft X-ray scattering.

Accepted 21 March 2015

The Low Density Matter (LDM) beamline at FERMI: optical layout and first commissioning

C. Svetina, C. Grazioli, N. Mahne, L. Raimondi, C. Fava, M. Zangrando, S. Gerusina, M. Alagia, L. Avaldi, G. Cautero, M. de Simone, M. Devetta, M. Di Fraia, M. Drabbels, V. Feyer, P. Finetti, R. Katzy, A. Kivimäki, V. Lyamayev, T. Mazza, A. Moise, T. Möller, P. O'Keeffe, Y. Ovcharenko, P. Piseri, O. Plekan, K. C. Prince, R. Sergo, F. Stienkemeier, S. Stranges, M. Coreno and C. Callegari

Synopsis: A description of the LDM beamline of FERMI is given, with a detailed description of the photon transport.

Accepted 17 March 2015

Correction of complex nonlinear signal response from a pixel array detector

T. B. van Driel, S. Herrmann, G. Carini, M. M. Nielsen and H. T. Lemke

Synopsis: A procedure to correct signal-dependent nonlinear signal distortions in an area detector is introduced and tested on diffuse scattering signals measured at a free-electron laser.

Accepted 15 March 2015

X-ray detectors at the Linac Coherent Light Source

G. Blaj, P. Caragiulo, G. Carini, S. Carron, A. Dragone, D. Freytag, G. Haller, P. Hart, J. Hasi, R. Herbst, S. Herrmann, C. Kenney, B. Markovic, K. Nishimura, S. Osier, J. Pines, B. Reese, J. Segal, A. Tomada and M. Weaver

Synopsis: This paper offers an overview of area detectors developed for use at the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) with particular emphasis on their impact on science. The experimental needs leading to the development of second-generation cameras for LCLS are discussed and the new detector prototypes are presented.

Accepted 15 March 2015

The FERMI free-electron lasers

E. Allaria, L. Badano, G. DeNinno, S. DiMitri, B. Diviacco, W. M. Fawley, M. Ferianis, E. Ferrari, G. Gaio, D. Gauthier, L. Giannessi, F. Iazzourene, S. Bassanese, G. Kurdi, N. Mahne, I. Nikolov, F. Parmigiani, G. Penco, L. Raimondi, P. Rebernik, F. Rossi, E. Roussel, C. Scafuri, F. Capotondi, C. Serpico, P. Sigalotti, C. Spezzani, M. Svandrlik, C. Svetina, M. Trov'o, M. Veronese, D. Zangrando, M. Zangrando, D. Castronovo, P. Cinquegrana, M. B. Danailov, G. D'Auria, A. Demidovich and R. DeMonte

Synopsis: Coherent FEL sources in the VUV and soft X-ray spectral range are presented.

Accepted 13 March 2015

The X-ray Pump-Probe instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source

M. Chollet, R. Alonso-Mori, M. Cammarata, D. Damiani, J. Defever, J. T. Delor, Y. Feng, J. M. Glownia, J. B. Langton, S. Nelson, K. Ramsey, A. Robert, M. Sikorski, S. Song, D. Stefanescu, V. Srinivasan, D. Zhu, H. T. Lemke and D. M. Fritz

Synopsis: A description of the X-ray Pump-Probe (XPP) instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source. is presented. Recent scientific highlights illustrate the versatility and the time-resolved X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy capabilities of the XPP instrument.

Accepted 13 March 2015

Effects of self-seeding and crystal post-selection on the quality of Monte Carlo-integrated SFX data

T. Barends, T. A. White, A. Barty, L. Foucar, M. Messerschmidt, R. Alonso-Mori, S. Botha, H. Chapman, R. B. Doak, L. Galli, C. Gati, M. Gutmann, J. Koglin, A. Markvardsen, K. Nass, D. Oberthur, R. L. Shoeman, I. Schlichting and S. Boutet

Synopsis: The effects of various distributions, such as the spectral and unit-cell distributions, on the quality of Monte Carlo-integrated serial femtosecond crystallography data are investigated.

Accepted 13 March 2015

The Linac Coherent Light Source

White, Robert and Dunne

Synopsis: The present status of the Linac Coherent Light Source as a user facility is presented. Opportunities and challenges as well as the scientific impact of X-ray free-electron lasers are discussed.

Accepted 12 March 2015

Nanofocusing of X-ray free-electron lasers by grazing-incidence reflective optics

K. Yamauchi, M. Yabashi, H. Ohashi, T. Koyama and T. Ishikawa

Synopsis: The current status and prospective applications of nanofocusing for X-ray free-electron lasers are presented.

Accepted 10 March 2015

Multipurpose end-station for coherent diffraction imaging and scattering at FERMI@Elettra free-electron laser facility

F. Capotondi, E. Pedersoli, F. Bencivenga, M. Manfredda, N. Mahne, L. Raimondi, C. Svetina, M. Zangrando, A. Demidovich, I. Nikolov, M. Danailov, C. Masciovecchio and M. Kiskinova

Accepted 10 March 2015

The Matter in Extreme Conditions instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source

B. Nagler, B. Arnold, G. Bouchard, R. F. Boyce, R. M. Boyce, A. Callen, M. Campell, R. Curiel, E. Galtier, J. Garofoli, E. Granados, J. Hastings, G. Hays, P. Heimann, R. W. Lee, D. Milathianaki, L. Plummer, A. Schropp, A. Wallace, M. Welch, W. White, Z. Xing, J. Yin, J. Young, U. Zastrau and H. J. Lee

Synopsis: A description of the Matter in Extreme Conditions instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source is given. Recent scientific highlights illustrate phase-contrast imaging of shock waves, X-ray Thomson scattering and X-ray diffraction of shocked materials.

Accepted 7 March 2015

Phase-preserving beam expander for biomedical X-ray imaging

M. Martinson, N. Samadi, B. Bassey, A. Gomez and D. Chapman

Synopsis: Building on previous work, a phase-preserving bent Laue beam-expanding monochromator was developed with the capability of performing live animal phase contrast dynamic imaging at the Biomedical Imaging and Therapy beamline at the Canadian Light Source.

Accepted 6 March 2015

Simultaneous nanocalorimetry and fast XRD measurements to study the silicide formation in Pd/a-Si bilayers

M. Molina-Ruiz, P. Ferrando-Villalba, C. Rodríguez-Tinoco, G. Garcia, J. Rodríguez-Viejo, I. Peral and A. F. Lopeandía

Synopsis: Simultaneous wide-angle X-ray scattering and scanning nanocalorimetric measurements are performed during the thermal processing of thin film bilayers of Pd/a-Si to form Pd2Si.

Accepted 6 March 2015

The Atomic, Molecular and Optical Science instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source

K. R. Ferguson, M. Bucher, J. D. Bozek, S. Carron, J.-C. Castagna, R. Coffee, G. I. Curiel, M. Holmes, J. Krzywinski, M. Messerschmidt, M. Minitti, A. Mitra, S. Moeller, P. Noonan, T. Osipov, S. Schorb, M. Swiggers, A. Wallace, J. Yin and C. Bostedt

Synopsis: A description of the Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences (AMO) instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source is presented. Recent scientific highlights illustrate the imaging, time-resolved spectroscopy and high-power density capabilities of the AMO instrument.

Accepted 6 March 2015

Overview of the SACLA facility

M. Yabashi, H. Tanaka and T. Ishikawa

Synopsis: An overview of SACLA operating as a user facility is presented. An updated status of the light source and the beamline is summarized. Key scientific achievements reported in 2013 and 2014 and the main experimental systems are reviewed. A perspective of the facility upgrade is given.

Accepted 5 March 2015

Dual-energy X-ray analysis using synchrotron computed tomography at 35 and 60 keV for the estimation of photon interaction coefficients describing attenuation and energy absorption

S. Midgley and N. Schleich

Synopsis: A novel method for dual-energy X-ray analysis is tested against mono-energetic CT measurements with dilute salt solutions, and delivers volumetric maps representing electron density and the fourth statistical moment that describes elemental composition. The results are combined with models for the X-ray linear attenuation coefficient and mass energy absorption coefficient to predict interaction coefficients at photon energies 10 keV to 20 MeV, with applications for calculating attenuation correction and radiation absorbed dose.

Accepted 5 March 2015

Recent results of PADReS, the Photon Analysis Delivery and REduction System, from the FERMI FEL commissioning and user operations

M. Zangrando, D. Cocco, C. Fava, S. Gerusina, R. Gobessi, N. Mahne, E. Mazzucco, L. Raimondi, L. Rumiz and C. Svetina

Synopsis: The photon transport and diagnostics system of FERMI (PADReS) is endowed with online and shot-to-shot diagnostics giving information about intensity, spatial-angular distribution, spectral content, as well as other diagnostics to determine coherence, pulse length etc. Moreover, it can manipulate the beam in terms of intensity and optical parameters. A general description of the system is given, together with some selected results from the commissioning/operations/user beamtime.

Accepted 4 March 2015

The Coherent X-ray Imaging instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source

M. Liang, G. J. Williams, M. Messerschmidt, M. M. Seibert, P. A. Montanez, M. Hayes, D. Milathianaki, A. Aquila, M. S. Hunter, J. E. Koglin, D. W. Schafer, S. Guillet, A. Busse, R. Bergan, W. Olson, K. Fox, N. Stewart, R. Curtis, A. A. Miahnahri and S. Boutet

Synopsis: Description of the Coherent X-ray Imaging (CXI) instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source. Recent scientific highlights illustrate the femtosecond crystallography, high power density and extreme matter capabilities of the CXI instrument.

Accepted 4 March 2015

Data acquisition system for X-ray free-electron laser experiments at SACLA

Y. Joti, T. Kameshima, M. Yamaga, T. Sugimoto, K. Okada, T. Abe, Y. Furukawa, T. Ohata, R. Tanaka, T. Hatsui and M. Yabashi

Synopsis: A data acquisition system for X-ray free-electron laser experiments has been developed at SACLA. The system was designed for reliable shot-to-shot data storage with a high data stream greater than 4 Gbps and massive data analysis.

Accepted 3 March 2015

UV-CD12: synchrotron radiation circular dichroism beamline at ANKA

J. Bürck, S. Roth, D. Windisch, P. Wadhwani, D. Moss and A. S. Ulrich

Synopsis: UV-CD12 at ANKA and its current end-station are described, with a standard module for vacuum-UV synchrotron radiation circular dichroism of bio-macromolecules in the liquid state, and a unique module for macroscopically oriented lipid membranes (oriented circular dichroism).

Accepted 3 March 2015

Diverse application platform for hard X-ray diffraction in SACLA (DAPHNIS): application to serial protein crystallography using X-ray free-electron laser

K. Tono, E. Nango, M. Sugahara, C. Song, J. Park, T. Tanaka, R. Tanaka, Y. Joti, T. Kameshima, S. Ono, T. Hatsui, E. Mizohata, M. Suzuki, T. Shimamura, Y. Tanaka, S. Iwata and M. Yabashi

Accepted 3 March 2015

The X-ray correlation spectroscopy instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source

R. Alonso-Mori, C. Caronna, M. Chollet, R. Curtis, D. S. Damiani, J. Defever, Y. Feng, D. L. Flath, J. M. Glownia, S. Lee, H. T. Lemke, S. Nelson, E. Bong, M. Sikorski, S. Song, V. Srinivasan, D. Stefanescu, D. Zhu and A. Robert

Synopsis: A description of the X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source is presented. Recent highlights illustrate the coherence properties of the source as well as some recent dynamics measurements and future directions.

Accepted 2 March 2015

High-resolution X-ray emission spectroscopy with transition-edge sensors: present performance and future potential

J. Uhlig, W. B. Doriese, J. W. Fowler, D. S. Swetz, C. Jaye, D. A. Fischer, C. D. Reintsema, D. A. Bennett, L. R. Vale, U. Mandal, G. C. O'Neil, L. Miaja-Avila, Y. I. Joe, A. El Nahhas, W. Fullagar, F. Parnefjord Gustafsson, V. Sundström, D. Kurunthu, G. C. Hilton, D. R. Schmidt and J. N. Ullom

Accepted 26 February 2015

Demonstration of simultaneous experiments using thin crystal multiplexing at the Linac Coherent Light Source

Y. Feng, R. Alonso-Mori, T. M. R. Barends, V. D. Blank, S. Botha, M. Chollet, D. S. Damiani, R. B. Doak, J. M. Glownia, J. M. Koglin, H. T. Lemke, M. Messerschmidt, K. Nass, S. Nelson, I. Schlichting, R. L. Shoeman, Y. V. Shvyd'ko, M. Sikorski, S. Song, S. Stoupin, S. Terentyev, G. J. Williams, D. Zhu, A. Robert and S. Boutet

Synopsis: A demonstration of multiplexing the LCLS beam by spectral division using a near-perfect diamond thin-crystal monochromator is presented.

Accepted 26 February 2015

Characterization and use of the spent beam for serial operation of LCLS

S. Boutet, L. Foucar, T. R. M. Barends, S. Botha, R. B. Doak, J. E. Koglin, M. Messerschmidt, K. Nass, I. Schlichting, M. M. Seibert, R. L. Shoeman and G. J. Williams

Synopsis: Serial operation of FEL experiments was performed using the spent beam typically discarded after passing through a hole in a detector. The beam profile was characterized and results for two simultaneous experiments are reported.

Accepted 22 February 2015

Soft X-ray angle-resolved photoemission with micro-positioning techniques for metallic V2O3

H. Fujiwara, T. Kiss, Y. K. Wakabayashi, Y. Nishitani, T. Mori, Y. Nakata, S. Kitayama, K. Fukushima, S. Ikeda, H. Fuchimoto, Y. Minowa, S.-K. Mo, J. Denlinger, J. W. Allen, P. Metcalf, M. Imai, K. Yoshimura, S. Suga, T. Muro and A. Sekiyama

Synopsis: Soft X-ray micro-ARPES measurements have successfully been applied to band mapping of the strongly correlated metallic V2O3.

Accepted 21 February 2015

Highly porous nanoberyllium for X-ray beam speckle suppression

A. Goikhman, I. Lyatun, P. Ershov, I. Snigireva, P. Wojda, V. Gorlevsky, A. Semenov, M. Sheverdyaev, V. Koletskiy and A. Snigirev

Synopsis: A speckle suppression device containing highly porous nanoberyllium is proposed for manipulating the spatial coherence length and removing undesirable speckle structure during imaging experiments.

Accepted 21 February 2015

A novel crystal-analyzer phase retrieval algorithm and its noise property

Y. Bao, Y. Wang, P. Li, Z. Wu, Q. Shao, K. Gao, Z. Wang, Z. Ju, K. Zhang, Q. Yuan, W. Huang, P. Zhu and Z. Wu

Synopsis: The presented techniques simplify the sampling process and information retrieval algorithm in diffraction enhanced imaging. They also allow improvements of fast imaging researches using synchrotron radiation.

Accepted 21 February 2015

Concept of a multichannel spin-resolving electron analyzer based on Mott scattering

V. N. Strocov, V. N. Petrov and J. H. Dil

Accepted 20 February 2015

Nuclear resonant inelastic X-ray scattering at high pressure and low temperature

W. Bi, J. Zhao, J.-F. Lin, Q. Jia, M. Y. Hu, C. Jin, R. Ferry, W. Yang, V. Struzhkin and E. E. Alp

Synopsis: The development of a novel experimental capability of nuclear resonant inelastic X-ray scattering at high pressure and low temperature is presented. The new capability is demonstrated by studying the Fe-specific phonon density of states and magnetism in Eu57Fe2As2.

Accepted 19 February 2015

The ALBA spectroscopic LEEM-PEEM experimental station: layout and performance

L. Aballe, M. Foerster, E. Pellegrin, J. Nicolas and S. Ferrer

Synopsis: The performance of the spectroscopic LEEM-PEEM experimental station at the ALBA Synchrotron is presented: XPEEM lateral resolution down to better than 20 nm, electron energy resolution below 0.15 eV, and excellent long-term stability.

Accepted 19 February 2015

I12: the Joint Engineering, Environment and Processing (JEEP) beamline at Diamond Light Source

M. Drakopoulos, T. Connolley, C. Reinhard, R. Atwood, O. Magdysyuk, N. Vo, M. Hart, L. Connor, B. Humphreys, G. Howell, S. Davies, T. Hill, G. Wilkin, U. Pedersen, A. Foster, N. De Maio, M. Basham, F. Yuan and K. Wanelik

Synopsis: JEEP is a high-energy (50-150 keV) multi-purpose beamline offering polychromatic and monochromatic modes. It can accommodate large samples and experimental rigs, enabling in situ studies using radiography, tomography, energy-dispersive diffraction, monochromatic and white-beam two-dimensional diffraction/scattering and small-angle X-ray scattering.

Accepted 18 February 2015

A dispenser-reactor apparatus applied for in situ XAS monitoring of Pt nanoparticle formation

J. Boita, M. Vinicius Castegnaro, M. C. Martins Alves and J. Morais

Synopsis: An apparatus specially designed for in situ XAS measurements of liquid phase reactions is presented, which allows the changes in the Pt L3-edge to be monitored during the formation of Pt nanoparticles in aqueous solution.

Accepted 17 February 2015

EIS: the scattering beamline at FERMI

C. Masciovecchio, A. Battistoni, E. Giangrisostomi, F. Bencivenga, E. Principi, R. Mincigrucci, R. Cucini, A. Gessini, F. D'Amico, R. Borghes, M. Prica, V. Chenda, M. Scarcia, G. Gaio, G. Kurdi, A. Demidovich, M. B. Danailov, A. Di Cicco, A. Filipponi, R. Gunnella, K. Hatada, N. Mahne, L. Raimondi, C. Svetina, R. Godnig, A. Abrami and M. Zangrando

Synopsis: The Elastic and Inelastic Scattering beamline at the free-electron laser FERMI is presented. Scientific objectives, instrument layout and first results are given.

Accepted 16 February 2015

Bunch mode specific rate corrections for PILATUS3 detectors

P. Trueb, C. Dejoie, M. Kobas, P. Pattison, D. J. Peake, V. Radicci, B. A. Sobott, D. A. Walko and C. Broennimann

Synopsis: The count rate behaviour of PILATUS3 detectors has been characterized for seven bunch modes at four different synchrotrons. The instant retrigger technology of the PILATUS3 application-specific integrated circuit is found to reduce the dependency of the required rate correction on the synchrotron bunch mode. The improvement of using bunch mode specific rate corrections based on a Monte Carlo simulation is quantified.

Accepted 16 February 2015

Direct-write X-ray lithography using a hard X-ray Fresnel zone plate

S. Y. Lee, D. Y. Noh, H. C. Lee, C.-J. Yu, Y. Hwu and H. C. Kang

Synopsis: Hard X-ray lithography using an X-ray nano-beam focused by a Fresnel zone plate is demonstrated to be capable of achieving a patterning resolution better than 25 nm at E = 7.5 keV.

Accepted 12 February 2015

The Soft X-ray Research instrument at the Linac Coherent Light Source

G. L. Dakovski, P. Heimann, M. Holmes, O. Krupin, M. P. Minitti, A. Mitra, S. Moeller, M. Rowen, W. F. Schlotter and J. J. Turner

Synopsis: A description of the Soft X-ray Research instrument (SXR) at the Linac Coherent Light Source is given. Recent scientific highlights illustrate the wide variety of experiments and detectors that can be accommodated at SXR.

Accepted 11 February 2015

XAS and XMCD studies of magnetic properties modifications of Pt/Co/Au and Pt/Co/Pt trilayers induced by Ga+ ions irradiation

P. Mazalski, I. Sveklo, Z. Kurant, K. Ollefs, A. Rogalev, F. Wilhelm, J. Fassbender, L. T. Baczewski, A. Wawro and A. Maziewski

Synopsis: The presented results show the comparative results in interface mixing under 30 keV Ga+ ion irradiation of ultrathin trilayers Pt/Co/Pt and Pt/Co/Au and their influence on the amplitude of magnetic anisotropy.

Accepted 10 February 2015

XAFCA: a new XAFS beamline for catalysis research

Y. Du, Y. Zhu, S. Xi, P. Yang, H. O. Moser, M. B. H. Breese and A. Borgna

Synopsis: XAFCA, a new X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopy beamline for fundamental and applied catalysis research, built by the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences and the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, is presented.

Accepted 3 February 2015

Data Analysis WorkbeNch (DAWN)

M. Basham, J. Filik, M. T. Wharmby, P. C. Y. Chang, B. El Kassaby, M. Gerring, J. Aishima, K. Levik, B. C. A. Pulford, I. Sikharulidze, D. Sneddon, M. Webber, S. S. Dhesi, F. Maccherozzi, O. Svensson, S. Brockhauser, G. Náray and A. W. Ashton

Synopsis: DAWN is a generic data analysis software platform that has been developed for use at synchrotron beamlines for data visualization and analysis. Its generic design makes it suitable for use in a range of scientific and engineering applications.

Accepted 2 February 2015

Beamline P02.1 at PETRA III for high-resolution and high-energy powder diffraction

A.-C. Dippel, H.-P. Liermann, J. T. Delitz, P. Walter, H. Schulte-Schrepping, O. H. Seeck and H. Franz

Synopsis: By providing the capabilities for high-resolution, high-energy and time-resolved powder X-ray diffraction, beamline P02.1 is a versatile tool to tackle various problems in materials science, crystallography and chemistry. By providing the capabilities for high-resolution, high-energy and time-resolved powder X-ray diffraction, beamline P02.1 is a versatile tool to tackle various problems in materials science, crystallography and chemistry.

Accepted 28 January 2015

General method for automatic on-line beamline optimization based on genetic algorithm

S. Xi, L. S. Borgna and Y. Du

Synopsis: It is essential but inconvenient to perform high-quality on-line optimization for synchrotron radiation beamlines. To solve this problem, a general method based on the genetic algorithm for automatic beamline optimization is introduced.

Accepted 27 January 2015

X-rays only when you want them: optimized pump-probe experiments using pseudo-single-bunch operation

M. P. Hertlein, A. Scholl, A. A. Cordones, J. H. Lee, K. Engelhorn, T. E. Glover, B. Barbrel, C. Sun, C. Steier, G. Portmann and D. S. Robin

Synopsis: The first use of pseudo-single-bunch pulse picking in time-resolved experiments at the Advanced Light Source is reported. The pseudo-single-bunch technique improves signal to noise and drastically reduces dose-induced sample damage.

Accepted 24 January 2015

The In situ growth of Nanostructures on Surfaces (INS) endstation of the ESRF BM32 beamline: a combined UHV-CVD and MBE reactor for in situ X-ray scattering investigations of growing nanoparticles and semiconductor nanowires

V. Cantelli, O. Geaymond, O. Ulrich, T. Zhou, N. Blanc and G. Renaud

Synopsis: The upgraded INS endstation of the InterFace beamline IF-BM32 at the ESRF is presented.

Accepted 22 January 2015

Performance optimization of a bendable parabolic cylinder collimating X-ray mirror for the ALS micro-XAS beamline 10.3.2

V. V. Yashchuk, G. Y. Morrison, M. A. Marcus, E. E. Domning, D. J. Merthe, F. Salmassi and B. V. Smith

Synopsis: Details of an original design of a bendable parabolic cylinder collimating X-ray mirror with active temperature stabilization are presented. The design grants assembly without spurious stresses, optimal alignment and shaping of the mirror. A motorized sagittal motion allows new areas of the mirror to be used when the current area is damaged or contaminated.

Accepted 22 January 2015

Synchrotron radiation Mössbauer spectra of a rotating absorber with implications for testing velocity and acceleration time dilation

Y. Friedman, E. Yudkin, I. Nowik, I. Felner, H.-C. Wille, R. Röhlsberger, J. Haber, G. Wortmann, S. Arogeti, M. Friedman, Z. Brand, N. Levi, I. Shafir, O. Efrati, T. Frumson, A. Finkelstein, A. I. Chumakov, I. Kantor and R. Rüffer

Accepted 22 January 2015

Characterization of a Pt mirror to be used to deflect synchrotron radiation beam onto Langmuir monolayers

C. E. P. Vieira, A. M. Gasperini, P. P. S. Freitas, R. G. Oliveira and L. P. Cavalcanti

Synopsis: A homemade mirror for X-rays has been built to prepare a diffraction beamline for liquid surface diffraction and scattering measurements.

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