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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 1 September 2015

The competitive growth of cubic domains in Ti1-xAlxN films studied by diffraction anomalous near edge structure spectroscopy

Ti K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction anomalous fine structure are carried out on Ti1-xAlxN films deposited by magnetron sputtering on Si substrates. The Ti K pre-edge fine structure allows determination of the symmetry of the sites occupied by Ti atoms in crystallized domains regardless of disordered area.

Accepted 1 September 2015

A miniature closed-circle flow cell for high photon flux X-ray scattering experiments

Accepted 1 September 2015

Custom AFM for X-Ray beamlines: in-situ biological investigations under physiological conditions

Accepted 1 September 2015

Effect of X-ray spot size on liquid jet photoelectron spectroscopy

A small pinhole is used to reduce the X-ray spot size for improve liquid jet photoelectron spectroscopy applications.

Accepted 31 August 2015

Design, development and first experiments on the X-ray imaging beamline at Indus-2 synchrotron source at RRCAT, India

The design, implementation and performance evaluation of the X-ray imaging beamline (BL-4) is reported. Some of the first experiments on propagation-based phase contrast imaging and micro-tomography are also reported.

Accepted 31 August 2015

X-ray fluorescence induced by standing waves in the grazing-incidence and grazing-exit modes: study of the Mg–Co–Zr system

Accepted 28 August 2015

X-ray spectroscopy for chemistry in the 2-4 keV energy regime at the XMaS beamline: ionic liquids, Rh and Pd catalysts in gas and liquid environments, and Cl contamination in γ-Al2O3

The performance of the XMaS beamline for soft X-ray spectroscopy in the 2–4 keV range is assessed with particular relation to in situ studies of functional materials and their chemistry.

Accepted 22 August 2015

In situ microradioscopy and microtomography of fatigue-loaded dental two-piece implants

Results of a novel in situ microradiography and microtomography setup for the study of fatigue processes are presented. This setup is optimized for the requirements of dental implants and the use at synchrotron imaging beamlines.

Accepted 22 August 2015

Investigation of a CPG-array CdZnTe γ-ray imaging detector with single collecting electrodes readout

Accepted 19 August 2015

Applications of VUV extra-focus mechanism: high-performance dual-mode monochromator from VUV to soft X-ray

Accepted 15 August 2015

X-ray-induced Cu deposition and patterning on insulators at room temperature

X-ray irradiation triggers the deposition of Cu from solution, at room temperature, on different insulating substrates.

Accepted 12 August 2015

In situ removal of carbon contamination from a chromium-coated mirror: ideal optics to suppress higher-order harmonics in the carbon K-edge region

Carbon contamination of a chromium-coated mirror was removed by exposure to oxygen activated with non-monochromated synchrotron radiation. Higher-order harmonics of the chromium-coated mirror are much smaller than those of a gold-coated mirror in the carbon K-edge region.

Accepted 10 August 2015

Structural investigation of mM Ni(II) complex isomers using transmission XAFS: the significance of model development

Accepted 7 August 2015

Pixelated transmission-mode diamond X-ray detector

Preparation and testing results of a pixelated transmission-mode diamond X-ray detector prototype are presented.

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