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Accepted 26 October 2014

Direct nano-scale patterning of Ag films using hard X-ray induced oxidation

S. Y. Lee, H. C. Kang and D. Y. Noh

Synopsis: Direct fabrication of metal lines in nano-scale was achieved utilizing hard X-ray induced oxidation. Ag and Au/Ag nano lines as small as 21 nm width were fabricated by the hard X-ray patterning.

Accepted 25 October 2014

Polytypism in GaAs nanowires: Determination of the interplanar spacing of wurtzite GaAs by X-ray diffraction

M. Köhl, P. Schroth, U. Pietsch, T. Baumbach, A. A. Minkevich, J.-W. Hornung, E. Dimakis, C. Somaschini, L. Geelhaar, T. Aschenbrenner, S. Lazarev and D. Grigoriev

Synopsis: v

Accepted 19 October 2014

X-ray irradiation induces local rearrangement of silica particles in swollen rubber

Y. Shinohara, N. Yamamoto, H. Kishimoto and Y. Amemiya

Synopsis: X-ray irradiation leads to the breakdown of cross-links, thereby inducing the local rearrangement of silica nanoparticles in swollen rubber.

Accepted 17 October 2014

X-ray diffraction strain analysis of a single axial InAs1-xPx nanowire segment

M. Keplinger, B. Mandl, D. Kriegner, V. Holý, L. Samuelsson, G. Bauer, K. Deppert and J. Stangl

Synopsis: Strain analysis of an axial InAs1-xPx hetero-segment in an InAs nanowire using nano-focused X-ray diffraction is presented.

Accepted 16 October 2014

Simultaneous X-ray diffraction and phase-contrast imaging for investigating material deformation mechanisms during high-rate loading

M. Hudspeth, N. Parab, Z. Guo, W. Chen, T. Sun, K. Fezzaa and S. Luo

Accepted 16 October 2014

X-ray phase-contrast computed tomography visualizes the microstructure and degradation profile of implanted biodegradable scaffolds after spinal cord injury

K. Takashima, M. Hoshino, K. Uesugi, N. Yagi, S. Matsuda, A. Nakahira, N. Osumi, M. Kohzuki and H. Onodera

Accepted 14 October 2014

Energy optimization of a regular macromolecular crystallography beamline for ultra-high-resolution crystallography

G. Rosenbaum, S. L. Ginell and J.C.-H. Chen

Synopsis: A novel method of operating undulator beamlines at high-energy settings is described, by using higher-order Bragg diffraction from the monochromator.

Accepted 13 October 2014

Structure and effects of annealing in colloidal matrix-free Ge quantum dots

Y. Zhang, A. Karatutlu, O. Ersoy, W. Little, G. Cibin, A. Dent and A. Sapelkin

Synopsis: The structure of Ge quantum dots prepared by colloidal synthesis shows a dependence on the preparation route. Comprehensive characterization using both synchrotron radiation (X-ray absorption and X-ray diffraction) and in-house facilities (Raman and transmission electron microscope) shows metastable phase features of as-prepared and annealed Ge nanoparticles.

Accepted 9 October 2014

Confocal soft X-ray scanning transmission microscopy: setup, alignment procedure and limitations

A. Späth, J. Raabe and R. H. Fink

Accepted 2 October 2014

Synchrotron radiation computed laminography using an inclined detector

J. Zhang, G. Li, Q. Yi, Y. Chen, Z. Gao and X. Jiang

Accepted 2 October 2014

Functionalized synchrotron in-line phase-contrast computed tomography: a novel approach for simultaneous qu­antification of structural alterations and localization of barium-labelled alveolar macrophages within mouse lung samples

C. Dullin, S. dal Monego, E. Larsson, S. Mohammadi, M. Krenkel, C. Garrovo, S. Biffi, A. Lorenzon, A. Markus, J. Napp, T. Salditt, A. Accardo, F. Alves and G. Tromba

Synopsis: This study presents an approach to increase the sensitivity of lung computed tomography (CT) imaging by utilizing in-line phase contrast CT in combination with single-distance phase-retrieval algorithms and a dedicated image-processing regime. As demonstrated here, functional CT imaging can be achieved for the assessment of both structural alterations in asthmatic mouse lung tissue and the accumulation pattern of instilled barium-sulfate-labelled macrophages in comparison with healthy controls.

Accepted 2 October 2014

Large-acceptance diamond planar refractive lenses manufactured by laser cutting

M. Polikarpov, I. Snigireva, J. Morse, V. Yunkin, S. Kuznetsov and A. Snigirev

Synopsis: For the first time, planar X-ray refractive lenses have been fabricated by laser micromachining in 300 µm-thick single-crystal diamond. Tests at the ESRF ID06 beamline showed that the manufacturing quality is adequate to use such lenses as beam-conditioning elements at synchrotron radiation sources.

Accepted 1 October 2014

MX1: a bending-magnet crystallography beamline serving both chemical and macromolecular crystallography communities at the Australian Synchrotron

N. P. Cowieson, D. Aragao, M. Clift, D. J. Ericsson, C. Gee, S. J. Harrop, N. Mudie, S. Panjikar, J. R. Price, A. Riboldi-Tunnicliffe, R. Williamson and T. Caradoc-Davies

Synopsis: The macromolecular crystallography beamline MX1 at the Australian Synchrotron is described.

Accepted 22 September 2014

In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis of deformation behaviour in Ti-Ni-based thin films

H. Wang, G. Sun, X. Wang, B. Chen, X. Zu, H. Shen, Y. Liu, L. Li, G. Pan, L. Sheng, Q. Tian, Y. Liu and Y. Fu

Accepted 21 September 2014

The GALAXIES beamline at the SOLEIL synchrotron: inelastic X-ray scattering and photoelectron spectroscopy in the hard X-ray range

J.-P. Rueff, J. M. Ablett, D. Céolin, D. Prieur, T. Moreno, V. Balédent, B. Lassalle-Kaiser, J. E. Rault, M. Simon and A. Shukla

Synopsis: The GALAXIES beamline at the SOLEIL synchrotron for inelastic X-ray scattering and photoelectron spectroscopy in the hard X-ray range is presented.

Accepted 21 September 2014

Design and development of a controlled pressure/temperature set-up for in situ studies of solid-gas processes and reactions in a synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction station

E. Salas-Colera, Á. Muñoz-Noval, C. Heyman, C. O. Ania, J. B. Parra, S. García-Granda, S. Calero, J. Rubio-Zuazo and G. R. Castro

Accepted 21 September 2014

Inelastic X-ray scattering with 0.75 meV resolution at 25.7 keV using a temperature-gradient analyzer

D. Ishikawa, D. S. Ellis, H. Uchiyama and A. Q. R. Baron

Synopsis: Temperature-gradient spherical analyzers allow us to improve the resolution of meV-scale inelastic X-ray scattering.

Accepted 11 September 2014

X-ray focusing scheme with continuously variable lens

B. W. Adams and C. Rose-Petruck

Synopsis: A hybrid cylindrical-lens sagittal-mirror X-ray focusing scheme with a continuously variable focal length in the lens is presented.

Accepted 10 September 2014

Upgrade of MacCHESS facility for X-ray scattering of biological macromolecules in solution

A. S. Acerbo, M. J. Cook and R. E. Gillilan

Synopsis: CHESS beamline G1 has been newly upgraded for biological X-ray solution scattering.

Accepted 1 September 2014

A portable ultrahigh vacuum system for advanced synchrotron radiation studies of thin films and nanostructures: EuSi2 nano-islands

S. Ibrahimkutty, A. Seiler, T. Prüßmann, T. Vitova, R. Pradip, O. Bauder, P. Wochner, A. Plech, T. Baumbach and S. Stankov

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