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Accepted 7 July 2017

In operando qu­antitation of Li concentration for a commercial Li-ion rechargeable battery using high-energy X-ray Compton scattering

Line-shape analysis of a Compton-scattered X-ray energy spectrum has revealed the Li concentration in a battery under in operando conditions.

Accepted 3 July 2017

Investigation of nanoparticulate silicon as printed layers using scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Accepted 3 July 2017

Strategies for high-throughput focused-beam ptychography

X-ray ptychography is being utilized for a wide range of imaging experiments with a resolution beyond the limit of the X-ray optics used. Here. strategies for data sampling and for increasing imaging throughput when the specimen is at the focus of an X-ray beam are discussed, and the tradeoffs between large and small illumination spots are examined.

Accepted 29 June 2017

Observation of an optical vortex beam from a helical undulator in the XUV region

An optical vortex beam carrying an orbital angular momentum of l\hbar (l = ±1) per photon was produced as the second-harmonic radiation from a helical undulator. The helical wavefront of the optical vortex beam was verified though an interference experiment.

Accepted 27 June 2017

Characterization of individual stacking faults in a wurtzite GaAs nanowire by nanobeam X-ray diffraction

Accepted 27 June 2017

Flyscan opportunities in medicine: the case of quantum rattle based on gold quantum dots

A complete set of data is presented, acquired using the Flyscan method after injection of gold-cluster-enriched mesoporous silica nanospheres, used as potential theranostic vectors, into rats.

Accepted 20 June 2017

Estimating the absolute flux distribution for a synchrotron X-ray beam using ionization-chamber measurements with various filters

The absolute flux distribution for a polychromatic synchrotron X-ray beam is obtained from an extensive set of accurate filter-transmission measurements. The technique is also demonstrated for a monochromatic X-ray beam for which there is significant harmonic contamination.

Accepted 19 June 2017

Micro-beam Laue alignment of multi-reflection Bragg coherent diffraction imaging measurements

A new micro-beam Laue diffraction approach for the rapid, reliable alignment of multi-reflection Bragg coherent diffraction imaging measurements of arbitrarily oriented micro-crystals is presented. This approach is used to map out the full 3D-resolved lattice strain and stress tensors in a focused ion beam machined micro-crystal.

Accepted 19 June 2017

Accepted 19 June 2017

Electron-bunch lengthening on higher-harmonic oscillations in storage-ring free-electron lasers

The influence of higher-harmonic free-electron laser oscillations on an electron beam have been clarified by measuring the bunch length of the electron beam.

Accepted 18 June 2017

WIFIP: a web-based user interface for automated synchrotron beamlines

WIFIP is a web-based interface for macromolecular crystallography beamlines. In operation on beamline FIP-BM30A at the ESRF since September 2015, it enables the control of the experiment remotely from any kind of web browser, and with a limited bandwidth.

Accepted 14 June 2017

Refurbishment of a used in-vacuum undulator from the National Synchrotron Light Source for the National Synchrotron Light Source-II Ring

The refurbishment of a used in-vacuum undulator with necessary improvement for a more modern light source is described.

Accepted 12 June 2017

Simulated sample heating from a nanofocused X-ray beam

Time-resolved finite-element modelling is used to study the sample heating from intense X-ray irradiation.

Accepted 12 June 2017

Characterization of enamel caries lesions in rat molars using synchrotron X-ray microtomography

Synchrotron X-ray microtomography non-destructively maps demineralization within carious rat molar enamel. Depth profile analysis and lesion characterization reveals that many rat carious lesions possess intact surface zones that are similar in form but much thinner than those found in human caries.

Accepted 9 June 2017

Atomic pair distribution function at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory: application to the Pb1–xLaxZr0.40Ti0.60O3 ferroelectric system

Accepted 8 June 2017

Temperature-dependent thermal properties of Ru/C multilayers

Temperature-dependent multilayer structure and cross-plane thermal conductivity are measured for multilayers with different periodic thicknesses.

Accepted 6 June 2017

Analysis of the microvascular morphology and hemodynamics of breast cancer in mice using SPring-8 synchrotron radiation microangiography

Synchrotron-radiation-based microvascular hemodynamic analysis was established in this study. Tumor vasculature analysis using this method showed unique characteristics of tumor blood flow in vivo.

Accepted 6 June 2017

Phase-merging enhanced harmonic generation free-electron laser with a normal modulator

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