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Accepted 3 July 2015

SIMPLEX: SIMulator and Postprocessor for free electron Laser EXperiments

T. Tanaka

Synopsis: A computer program for simulating the amplification process in free electron lasers and post-processing the simulation results is presented.

Accepted 29 June 2015

Investigating structural aspects to understand the putative/claimed non-toxicity of Hg-based Ayurvedic drug "Rasasindura", using XAFS

N. Ramanan, D. Lahiri, P. Rajput, R. C. Varma, A. Arun, T. S. Muraleedharan, K. K. Pandey, N. Maiti, S. N. Jha and S. M. Sharma

Accepted 26 June 2015

An optimal azimuthal orientation for the Si(111) double crystal monochromators to achieve the least glitches in hard X-ray region

Z. Tang, L. Zheng, S. Chu, M. Wu, P. An, L. Zhang and T. Hu

Synopsis: The glitch patterns of the Si(111) Double Crystal Monochromators (DCMs) have been investigated, including the periods, azimuthal angle sensitivities and mirror symmetries of them. The optimal azimuthal orientation {\phi }_{1,2}={{\left(2n+1\right)\pi }\over{6}} \left(n=0,\plusmn 1,\plusmn 2\dots \right) for the Si(111) DCMs to achieve the least glitches in hard X-ray region has been suggested.

Accepted 25 June 2015

Ultra-stable sub-meV monchromator for hard X-rays

T. S. Toellner, J. Collins, K. Goetze, M. Y. Hu, C. Preissner, E. Traktenberg and L. Yan

Synopsis: A 0.27 meV-bandwidth monochromator for 21.5 keV synchrotron radiation demonstrates exceptional stability using cryogenic stabilization and active feedback control.

Accepted 22 June 2015

A plug-and-measure diagnostic tool for flux, resolution and beam size of a soft X-ray beamline

C.-H. Wei, H.-C. Lin, S.-W. Lin and J.-Y. Yuh

Synopsis: A compact multi-functional diagnostic tool for the beamline commissioning,the instrument can consecutively measure energy resolution, flux and beam size.

Accepted 14 June 2015

Influence of higher harmonics of the undulator in X-ray polarimetry and crystal monochromator design

B. Marx-Glowna, K. S. Schulze, I. Uschmann, T. Kämpfer, G. Weber, C. Hahn, H.-C. Wille, K. Schlage, R. Röhlsberger, E. Förster, T. Stöhlker and G. G. Paulus

Synopsis: Limiting factors in high-resolution X-ray polarimetry and monochromator performance due to Compton scattering are presented.

Accepted 12 June 2015

Exploring experimental parameter choice for rapid speckle-tracking phase-contrast X-ray imaging with a paper analyzer

I. A. Aloisio, D. M. Paganin, C. A. Wright and K. S. Morgan

Synopsis: Phase-contrast X-ray imaging using a paper analyzer is a robust technique with a simple experimental set-up capable of reconstructing images with short single-exposure times. Here the choice of experimental parameters for fast, accurate quantitative phase retrieval is explored.

Accepted 6 June 2015

Optimized IR synchrotron beamline design

T. Moreno

Accepted 4 June 2015

A soft X-ray plane-grating monochromator optimized for elliptical dipole radiation from modern sources

T. Kachel, F. Eggenstein and R. Follath

Synopsis: The utilization of elliptical dipole radiation in a collimated plane-grating monochromator at BESSY II is described.

Accepted 29 May 2015

Design of a mouse restraint for synchrotron-based computed tomography imaging

K. B. Gagnon, S. Caine, N. Samadi, M. Martinson, M. van der Loop, J. Alcorn, L. D. Chapman, G. Belev and H. Nichol

Synopsis: This study reports on the design, fabrication and testing of a restraint device that holds an anaesthetized mouse in a vertical orientation for computed tomography imaging in a synchrotron X-ray imaging hutch.

Accepted 28 May 2015

Towards a microchannel-based X-ray detector with two-dimensional spatial and time resolution and high dynamic range

B. W. Adams, A. U. Mane, J. W. Elam, R. Obaid, M. Wetstein and M. Chollet

Synopsis: An X-ray detector capable of millimetre scale, two-dimensional spatial resolution and 100 ps time resolution in a continuous, high-rate data stream.

Accepted 25 May 2015

A novel imaging tool for hepatic portal system using phase contrast technique with hydrogen peroxide-generated O2 gas

R. Tang, F. Yan, W.-M. Chai, W. Huang, Y. Fu, G.-Y. Yang and K.-M. Chen

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