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Accepted 21 September 2014

The GALAXIES beamline at the SOLEIL synchrotron: inelastic X-ray scattering and photoelectron spectroscopy in the hard X-ray range

J.-P. Rueff, J. M. Ablett, D. Céolin, D. Prieur, T. Moreno, V. Balédent, B. Lassalle-Kaiser, J. E. Rault, M. Simon and A. Shukla

Synopsis: The GALAXIES beamline at the SOLEIL synchrotron for inelastic X-ray scattering and photoelectron spectroscopy in the hard X-ray range is presented.

Accepted 21 September 2014

Design and development of a controlled pressure/temperature set-up for in situ studies of solid-gas processes and reactions in a synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction station

E. Salas-Colera, Á. Muñoz-Noval, C. Heyman, C. O. Ania, J. B. Parra, S. García-Granda, S. Calero, J. Rubio-Zuazo and G. R. Castro

Accepted 21 September 2014

Inelastic X-ray scattering with 0.75 meV resolution at 25.7 keV using a temperature gradient analyzer

D. Ishikawa, D. S. Ellis, H. Uchiyama and A. Q. R. Baron

Synopsis: Temperature-gradient spherical analyzers allow us to improve the resolution of meV-scale inelastic X-ray scattering.

Accepted 15 September 2014

Investigation of damaged interior walls using synchrotron-based XPS and XANES

Y. Poo-arporn, S. Thachepan and R. Palangsuntikul

Synopsis: The damaging of interior brick walls due to internal sulfate attack has been examined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and X-ray absorption near-edge structure (XANES).

Accepted 11 September 2014

X-ray focusing scheme with continuously variable lens

B. W. Adams and C. Rose-Petruck

Synopsis: A hybrid cylindrical-lens sagittal-mirror X-ray focusing scheme with a continuously variable focal length in the lens is presented.

Accepted 10 September 2014

Upgrade of MacCHESS facility for X-ray scattering of biological macromolecules in solution

A. S. Acerbo, M. J. Cook and R. E. Gillilan

Synopsis: CHESS beamline G1 has been newly upgraded for biological X-ray solution scattering.

Accepted 4 September 2014

Characterization of a next-generation piezo bimorph X-ray mirror for synchrotron beamlines

S. G. Alcock, I. Nistea, J. P. Sutter, K. Sawhney, J.-J. Fermé, C. Thellièr and L. Peverini

Accepted 2 September 2014

Cooling dynamics of self-assembled monolayer coating for integrated gold nanocrystals on a glass substrate

K. Ichiyanagi, H. Sekiguchi, T. Sato, S. Nozawa, A. Tomita, M. Hoshino, S.- Adachi and Y. C. Sasaki

Synopsis: The thermal conductivity of nanoscaled heterostructural film and the temperature change of molecular-coated gold nanocrystals film on the substrate have been measured from the lattice constant change of the inner gold nanocrystals.

Accepted 1 September 2014

A portable ultrahigh vacuum system for advanced synchrotron radiation studies of thin films and nanostructures: EuSi2 nano-islands

S. Ibrahimkutty, A. Seiler, T. Prüßmann, T. Vitova, R. Pradip, O. Bauder, P. Wochner, A. Plech, T. Baumbach and S. Stankov

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