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Accepted 16 November 2015

Imaging lung tissue oscillations using high-speed X-ray velocimetry

High-speed synchrotron-based lung imaging was used to measure the penetrance of pressure oscillations imparted at the mouth during a forced oscillation test.

Accepted 15 November 2015

Investigation of the polarization state of dual APPLE-II undulators

Complete polarization analysis of the photon beam produced by a dual APPLE-II undulator configuration using a multilayer-based soft X-ray polarimeter is shown.

Accepted 15 November 2015

BL2D-SMC, the supramolecular crystallography beamline at the Pohang Light Source II, Korea

BL2D-SMC for the supramolecular crystallography installed with various instruments at Pohang Light Source in Korea is described.

Accepted 15 November 2015

One-dimensional ion-beam figuring for grazing-incidence reflective optics

One-dimensional ion beam figuring for one-dimensional synchrotron optics is presented.

Accepted 11 November 2015

Photon transport of the superradiant TeraFERMI THz beamline at the FERMI free-electron laser

The optical design and expected performances of the TeraFERMI beamline under construction at the FERMI free-electron laser user facility is reported. After discussing the scientific case and the FERMI capabilities, the main components of the beamline as well as the foreseen experiments are described.

Accepted 7 November 2015

A new EXAFS method for the local structure analysis of low-Z elements

Differential electron yield (DEY)-EXAFS method using a multichannel electron energy analyzer is presented. DEY-EXAFS provides a specific absorption-edge spectrum with no other edges within the EXAFS oscillation (N K-edge for silicon nitride in this study), enabling local structure analysis with Fourier transformation to be performed.

Accepted 6 November 2015

PRESTO, the on-line photon energy spectrometer at FERMI: design, features and commissioning results

The design and features, as well as the experimental results, of the on-line photon energy spectrometer of the FERMI free-electron laser user facility working in the extreme-ultra-violet and soft X-ray range are reported.

Accepted 4 November 2015

Preparation and characterization of B4C coatings for advanced research light sources

The challenging specifications for long X-ray mirrors for upcoming free-electron lasers can be achieved, especially for maintaining below 2 nm peak-to-valley shape error along the optical aperture of approximately 1 m-long mirrors.

Accepted 2 November 2015

Application of mid-infrared free-electron laser tuned to amide bands for dissociation of aggregate structure of protein

An application of a mid-infrared free-electron laser for protein science is described. The amide-specific free-electron laser irradiation was found to be effective for dissociation of the protein aggregate to the monomer form.

Accepted 31 October 2015

Site preference and lattice relaxation around 4d and 5d refractory elements in Ni3Al

The X-ray absorption fine-structure technique complemented with ab initio calculations is used to determine the site occupancy and lattice relaxation around Mo, Ru, Hf, W and Re in Ni3Al.

Accepted 30 October 2015

The at-wavelength metrology facility for UV- and XUV-reflection and diffraction optics at BESSY-II

A new optics beamline and a versatile 11-axes UHV-reflectometer for at-wavelength characterization of real life-sized UV- and XUV-reflection gratings and other (nano-) optical elements has been set up and is in operation at BESSY-II. Azimuthal rotation of samples allows for reflectometry and polarimetry measurements in s- and p-polarization.

Accepted 30 October 2015

Single-crystal diamond refractive lens for focusing X-rays in two dimensions

The fabrication and performance evaluation of single-crystal diamond refractive X-ray lenses with a paraboloid of rotation form factor for focusing X-rays in two dimensions simultaneously are reported.

Accepted 27 October 2015

Hartmann wavefront sensors and their application at FLASH

Different type of Hartmann wavefront sensors available at FLASH and their typical application for online measurements of photon beam parameters during mirror alignment are presented.

Accepted 26 October 2015

Inline spectrometer for shot-by-shot determination of pulse energies of a two-color X-ray free-electron laser

An inline spectrometer has been developed to monitor each pulse energy of a two-color X-ray beam.

Accepted 26 October 2015

Excitation and propagation of X-ray fluorescence through thin devices with hollowed ordered structures: comparison of experimental and theoretical spectra

An experimental and theoretical investigation of soft X-ray fluorescence radiation collected at the exit of microchannel plates showing the occurrence of channeling for the excited fluorescence radiation inside a medium.

Accepted 26 October 2015

Detective quantum efficiency for photon-counting hybrid pixel detectors in the tender X-ray domain: application to Medipix3RX

Accepted 21 October 2015

Study of the microstructure information of GaAs epilayers grown on silicon substrate using synchrotron radiation

High-resolution X-ray diffraction experiments based on synchrotron radiation are used to measure the values of lateral coherence length, vertical coherence length, tilt and micro-strain of GaAs epilayers grown on Si substrate using the conventional Williamson–Hall analysis. Such information could not be obtained on laboratory-based high-resolution X-ray diffraction systems.

Accepted 20 October 2015

X-ray collimation by the parabolic cylinder mirror in SPring-8/BL29XUL

Sub-microradian beam divergence was achieved by the newly installed mirror system.

Accepted 20 October 2015

Characterization of a piezo bendable X-ray mirror

A bendable mirror with piezos bonded to the side faces is characterized. The response functions are measured, and effects such as hysteresis, twisting, reproducibility and stability are investigated. Measurements are performed using the BESSY-NOM and a 12 inch-diameter Fizeau interferometer in a grazing-incidence setup.

Accepted 20 October 2015

ID16B: a hard X-ray nanoprobe beamline at the ESRF for nano-analysis

ID16B is a versatile hard X-ray nanoprobe devoted to X-ray nano-analysis. It combines X-ray fluorescence, X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy and 2D/3D X-ray imaging techniques.

Accepted 19 October 2015

A novel approach in the free-electron laser diagnosis based on pixelated phosphor detector

A new method of beam diagnosis for the FERMI free-electron laser focused beam quality has been developed. The proposed highly reliable and low-cost pixelated phosphor detector provides high-precision detection and is able to measure the actual spot size shot-to-shot with unprecedented micrometrical resolution.

Accepted 19 October 2015

On amplitude beam splitting of tender X-rays (2–8 keV photon energy) using conical diffraction from reflection gratings with laminar profile

When a radiation beam impinges onto a reflection grating with rectangular profile exactly parallel to the grooves, the diffracted intensity is distributed symmetrically with respect to the plane of incidence. High diffraction efficiency was observed far into the keV photon energy range for two symmetrically oriented diffraction peaks of equal intensity, which allows one to use these objects efficiently as amplitude beam splitters, e.g. in delay lines at free-electron laser sources.

Accepted 18 October 2015

Imperfection and radiation damage in protein crystals studied with coherent radiation

Coherent diffraction observations from polyhedra crystals at cryotemperature are reported. Information is obtained about the lattice strain and the changes with radiation damage.

Accepted 12 October 2015

Short X-ray pulses from third-generation light sources

Techniques for producing (sub-) picosecond X-ray pulses at synchrotron light sources are reviewed.

Accepted 10 October 2015

Local structure of Ge quantum dots determined by combined numerical analysis of EXAFS and XANES data

The high sensitivity of XANES to the local symmetry has been utilized to study the structure of as-prepared and annealed Ge quantum dots (QDs) obtained by colloidal synthesis. As-prepared QDs were found to retain diamond-type structure despite a large degree of structural disorder. In annealed Ge QDs, analysis indicates the presence of a crystalline diamond-type core and highly disordered surface.

Accepted 9 October 2015

Effect of iodine contrast agent concentration on cerebrovascular dose for synchrotron radiation microangiography based on a simple mouse head model and a voxel mouse head phantom by Monte Carlo simulation

Effective setting strategies using Monte Carlo simulation are presented to mitigate the irradiation damage in synchrotron radiation microangiography.

Accepted 9 October 2015

Measurement of synchrotron-radiation-excited Kossel patterns

Kossel line patterns excited by synchrotron radiation are measured on a NiO single-crystal. The structural information encoded in the line profile is evaluated.

Accepted 9 October 2015

Origins of polarization-dependent anisotropic X-ray scattering from organic thin films

The morphological origins of polarization-dependent anisotropic X-ray scattering have been investigated through simulations and experiment. Interfacial and bulk molecular orientation–composition correlations are found to produce scattering anisotropy from globally isotropic films. The connection between anisotropic signals and underlying morphology is explored.

Accepted 5 October 2015

A Monte Carlo study of high-energy photon transport in matter: application for multiple-scattering investigation in Compton spectroscopy

The new efficient Monte Carlo procedure for multiple-scattering simulation in Compton experiments is presented. The simulation algorithm has proved its advantage in restricted geometry experiments.

Accepted 5 October 2015

Quick AS NEXAFS Tool (QANT): a program for NEXAFS loading and analysis developed at the Australian Synchrotron

A new program for the analysis of data from near-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy was developed at the Australian Synchrotron. This program allows for semi-automated instant correction and analysis to be performed on NEXAFS spectra collected on the soft X-ray beamline at the Australian Synchrotron and will be applicable to other NEXAFS facilities around the world.

Accepted 5 October 2015

Hard X-rays for processing hybrid organic–inorganic thick films

Processing of hybrid organic–inorganic thick coatings by hard X-rays enables a fine tuning of the structure and the properties of a material.

Accepted 4 October 2015

In vivo pink-beam imaging and fast alignment procedure for rat brain tumor radiation therapy

A fast positioning method for brain tumor microbeam irradiations for preclinical studies at third-generation X-ray sources is described.

Accepted 1 October 2015

Filamentation effect in a gas attenuator for high-repetition-rate X-ray FELs

The filamentation or density depression effect induced by photoabsorption of X-ray free-electron laser pulses in a gas medium operating at a high repetition rate is described.

Accepted 29 September 2015

Classification and assessment of retrieved electron density maps in coherent X-ray diffraction imaging using multivariate analysis

A scheme is proposed for determining the most probable electron density map retrieved from diffraction patterns in coherent X-ray diffraction imaging.

Accepted 29 September 2015

A nearly on-axis spectroscopic system for simultaneously measuring UV–visible absorption and X-ray diffraction in the SPring-8 structural genomics beamline

A nearly on-axis UV–visible absorption spectrometer was developed at SPring-8 that enables spectroscopic analysis of the X-ray-exposed volume of a crystal during X-ray diffraction data collection.

Accepted 26 September 2015

X-ray characterization of a multichannel smart-pixel array detector

The first synchrotron X-ray characterization of the Voxtel VX-798, a prototype X-ray pixel array detector featuring a silicon sensor photodiode array of 48 × 48 pixels, each 130 µm × 130 µm × 520 µm thick, coupled to a CMOS readout application specific integrated circuit, is presented.

Accepted 25 September 2015

Quick-EXAFS setup at the SuperXAS beamline for in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy with 10 ms time resolution

A new quick-scanning EXAFS (QEXAFS) monochromator, ionization chambers and data acquisition system have been developed and installed at the SuperXAS beamline at the Swiss Light Source to reach a temporal resolution of 10 ms.

Accepted 13 September 2015

Manufacturing an active X-ray mirror prototype in thin glass

The manufacturing process of a simple prototype of an adjustable grazing-incidence mirror made of thin glass for applications to X-ray astronomy is shown. The feedback under X-ray illumination is also described.

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