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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 24 November 2018

Single-image phase retrieval for hard X-ray grating interferometry

A single-image method is proposed for quantitative phase retrieval in hard X-ray grating interferometry. This method assumes a quasi-homogeneous sample, with a constant ratio between the real and imaginary parts of its complex refractive index. Experimental synchrotron radiation results demonstrate that the method can provide phase images of improved quality and is highly stable against noise.

Accepted 23 November 2018

Methods for operando coherent X-ray diffraction of battery materials at the Advanced Photon Source

Accepted 23 November 2018

The influence of nitro­gen doping on the electronic structure of the valence and conduction band in TiO2

The modification of the titanium dioxide valence band by insertion of N p-states is observed with simultaneous dumping of unoccupied d-orbitals of titanium.

Accepted 23 November 2018

Inverse-phase composite zone plate providing deeper focus than the normal diffraction-limited depth of X-ray microbeams

A novel type of zone plate, i.e. an inverse-phase composite zone plate, is proposed and examined with the aim of achieving deeper focus with little reduction in spatial resolution.

Accepted 22 November 2018

COMET: a new end-station at SOLEIL for coherent magnetic scattering in transmission

Accepted 21 November 2018

Automated data collection and real-time data analysis suite for serial synchrotron crystallography

Implementation of the complete synchrotron serial crystallography (SSX) suite for real-time data collection and processing available at the Swiss Light Source macromolecular beamlines is reported. A detailed description of the latest software extensions, i.e. the SSX user interface, as well as online data processing and merging routines, is also given.

Accepted 19 November 2018

In situ high-temperature EXAFS measurements on radioactive and air-sensitive molten salt materials

An experimental set-up and specific sample containment allowing high-temperature in situ EXAFS measurements of radioactive, air-sensitive and corrosive fluoride salts is described. First results are reported and compared with molecular dynamics simulations of the highly disordered liquid salts.

Accepted 14 November 2018

Ca and S K-edge XANES of CaS calculated by different methods: influence of full potential, core hole and Eu doping

There are differences between theoretical and experimental Ca and S K-edge XANES of CaS within the first 10 eV above the edge that cannot be explained as full-potential effects or by the influence of the core hole as accounted for by the final-state rule.

Accepted 14 November 2018

A new diffractometer for diffuse scattering studies on the ID28 beamline at the ESRF

A new diffractometer has been built as a side station on the ID28 beamline at the ESRF. The instrument is primarily dedicated to the study of diffuse scattering in a large class of materials, ranging from strongly correlated electron systems to nanoscale-modulated and low-dimensional systems.

Accepted 12 November 2018

Numerical analysis of brilliance and coherent photon flux of segmented undulator radiation based on statistical optics

Comparisons of the brilliance and transverse coherence properties of a single and a segmented undulator in a double mini-βy lattice were carried out by wave optics based on the Wigner function and without a Gaussian approximation. A study of the related issues is described.

Accepted 6 November 2018

Alignment of the aberration-free XUV Raman spectrometer at FLASH

The advanced alignment concept and its application to the double-stage XUV Raman spectrometer at the free-electron laser FLASH is presented.

Accepted 23 October 2018

X-ray diffraction reveals blunt-force loading threshold for nanoscopic structural change in ex vivo neuronal tissues

Using X-ray diffraction of rat optic nerves ex vivo, the nanometer-scale changes in the structure of nerve myelin in direct relation to the degree of force applied were followed. Although the nerve myelin appears to return to its original structure at lesser loads, it was confirmed that a permanent change in structure occurs between 15 and 20 g (2.7 and 3.5 psi) average load.

Accepted 8 October 2018

Silicon carbide X-ray beam position monitors for synchrotron applications

The viability of thin 4H-SiC membrane X-ray beam position monitors in synchrotrons is investigated. Devices are fabricated and show improved linearity, dynamics and signal-to-noise ratio compared with commercial polycrystalline diamond X-ray beam position monitors.

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