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Accepted 4 January 2017

Nondestructive imaging of the internal micro­structure of vessels and nerve fibers in rat spinal cord using phase-contrast synchrotron radiation microtomography

In this study, firstly the phase-contrast synchrotron radiation microtomography technique has been employed for nondestructive imaging of the internal microstructure of rat spinal cord, such as white matter, gray matter, micovasculars and nerve fibers. Thus, it was confirmed that this technique has the potential to be a powerful tool for the comprehensive characterization of physiological and pathophysiological characteristics of various neurovascular and neurodegeneration diseases.

Accepted 4 January 2017

Development of new CdZnTe detectors for room-temperature high-flux radiation measurements

Accepted 4 January 2017

Computer-assisted area detector masking

A novel system for automatically masking two-dimensional area detector data is presented.

Accepted 4 January 2017

Improving the spatial and statistical accuracy in X-ray Raman scattering based direct tomography

An algorithm to simultaneously increase the spatial and statistical accuracy of X-ray Raman scattering based tomographic images is presented.

Accepted 28 December 2016

A large-solid-angle X-ray Raman scattering spectrometer at ID20 of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Accepted 26 December 2016

Compact IR synchrotron beamline design

An infrared (IR) optical layout directly integrated into a synchrotron dipole chamber and compatible with multi-bend achromat lattices is proposed. This is shown to provide intense and almost aberration-free focused IR radiation beams.

Accepted 24 December 2016

Simulating and optimizing compound refractive lens-based X-ray microscopes

A comprehensive ray-transfer matrix formalism for the use and design of compound refractive lens-based X-ray microscopes is presented, including closed analytical expressions for key optical parameters. These form the basis of an optimization, which reveals that thick-lens imaging geometries are ideal in terms of spatial resolution and achromaticity.

Accepted 18 December 2016

A convolutional neural network approach to calibrating the rotation axis for X-ray computed tomography

Use of convolutional neural networks for automated calibration of rotation axes is described.

Accepted 8 December 2016

Surface EXAFS via differential electron yield

The surface-sensitive performance of extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy via differential electron yield is demonstrated using a thickness-defined SiO2 (12.4 nm)/Si sample. The Si K-edge EXAFS spectrum suggests an analysis depth of approximately 4.2 nm, and the derived first nearest neighbor (Si—O) distance was 1.63 Å, which is within the reported values of SiO2.

Accepted 2 December 2016

Study on the reflectivity properties of spherically bent analyser crystals. Corrigendum

Accepted 1 December 2016

Performance on absolute scattering intensity calibration and protein molecular weight determination at BL16B1, a dedicated SAXS beamline at SSRF

The bending-magnet beamline BL16B1, dedicated to small-angle X-ray scattering at the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, is described. The detailed beamline performance on absolute scattering intensity calibration and protein molecular weight determination is demonstrated.

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