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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 4 February 2020

Fast continuous measurement of synchrotron powder diffraction synchronized with controlling gas and vapour pressures at beamline BL02B2 of SPring-8

An in situ high-resolution powder-diffraction measurement system synchronized with controlling gas and vapour pressures is presented. This system enables one to perform both automatic in situ and millisecond time-resolved measurements under the gas pressures.

Accepted 3 February 2020

High-efficiency ultra-precision comparator for d-spacing mapping measurement of silicon

Development of a wide-beam ultra-precision d-spacing mapping measurement system which is more than 10 times faster than the previous pencil-beam method is presented here.

Accepted 20 January 2020

The HARE chip for efficient time-resolved serial synchrotron crystallography

The HARE chip and a toolbox of helpful instrumentation for time-resolved serial synchrotron crystallography are presented.

Accepted 25 December 2019

Transmission, refraction and dark-field retrieval in hard X-ray grating interferometry

A three-image algorithm is proposed for quantitative transmission, refraction and dark-field retrieval in hard X-ray grating interferometry. The novel algorithm is theoretically derived, and validated by proof-of-principle synchrotron radiation experiments. Furthermore, the noise properties of the three retrieved signals are investigated in terms of the standard deviations.

Accepted 21 December 2019

IRIXS: a resonant inelastic X-ray scattering instrument dedicated to X-rays in the intermediate energy range

A resonant inelastic X-ray scattering instrument operating in the intermediate X-ray range is described in detail. The instrument is operated at beamline P01 of the PETRA III synchrotron in Hamburg, Germany.

Accepted 3 December 2019

High-pressure developments for resonant X-ray scattering experiments at I16

The development of instrumentation for conducting high-pressure resonant X-ray scattering experiments under cryogenic conditions is presented.

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