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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 6 February 2017

Effects of organic ligands on Pb absorption and speciation changes in Arabidopsis as determined by micro X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption near-edge structure analysis

A comparative study of the effects of organic and inorganic Pb on Pb localization and speciation in plants was performed using synchrotron radiation micro X-ray fluorescence and X-ray absorption near-edge structure. The results indicate that low-molecular-weight organo-Pb complexes inhibit primary root growth and lateral root development and are also more likely to be stopped in root hairs to protect the plant from Pb toxicity.

Accepted 6 February 2017

Respiratory-gated KES imaging of a rat model of acute lung injury at the Canadian Light Source

A KES imaging approach for respiratory-gated lung imaging using iodine and xenon contrast agents in a rodent model.

Accepted 6 February 2017

XDesign: an open-source software package for designing X-ray imaging phantoms and experiments

A new framework for comprehensive simulation of X-ray computed tomography and tomography quality assessment is described.

Accepted 2 February 2017

Uranium XAFS analysis of kidney from rats exposed to uranium

Characterization of uranium accumulated in the micro-regions of renal tubules of rats exposed to uranyl acetate was examined by micro-X-ray absorption fine-structure analysis and the results showed the possible biotransformation of uranium in this in vivo system.

Accepted 1 February 2017

Point focusing with flat and wedged crossed multilayer Laue lenses

Accepted 1 February 2017

Establishment of new design criteria for GlidCop® X-ray absorbers

New design criteria have been established for GlidCop® based upon the thermomechanically induced fatigue behaviour of the material.

Accepted 24 December 2016

Simulating and optimizing compound refractive lens-based X-ray microscopes

A comprehensive ray-transfer matrix formalism for the use and design of compound refractive lens-based X-ray microscopes is presented, including closed analytical expressions for key optical parameters. These form the basis of an optimization, which reveals that thick-lens imaging geometries are ideal in terms of spatial resolution and achromaticity.

Accepted 2 December 2016

Study on the reflectivity properties of spherically bent analyser crystals. Corrigendum

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