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Accepted 14 November 2017

Grating configurations to compress free-electron-laser pulses

Grating configurations to compress free-electron-laser pulses are discussed.

Accepted 14 November 2017

Accepted 7 November 2017

Coatings for FEL optics: preparation and characterization of B4C and Pt

Boron carbide and platinum are two suitable coating materials for X-ray mirrors at free-electron lasers (FEL) worldwide. The achieved thickness uniformity for boron carbide is less than 1 nm peak-to-valley over 1500 mm mirror length.

Accepted 7 November 2017

Damage thresholds for blaze diffraction gratings and grazing incidence optics at X-ray free electron laser

The damage threshold of diffraction gratings and X-ray coating has been studied using X-ray FEL radiation.

Accepted 26 October 2017

Gratings for synchrotron and FEL beamlines: a project for the manufacture of ultra-precise gratings at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin

Establishing a facility for the production of gratings for synchrotron and free-electron laser applications is reported.

Accepted 26 October 2017

Characterization of ultrafast free-electron laser pulses using extreme-ultraviolet transient gratings

The advent of ultra-short extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and soft X-ray free-electron laser (FEL) sources able to produce high peak brightness and sub-picosecond pulses requires novel time-domain diagnostics to provide temporal information on the emitted pulse duration. Here the successful implementation of an autocorrelation method to determine the FEL–FEL pulse duration based on an EUV transient grating is reported.

Accepted 24 October 2017

THz pulse doubler at FLASH: double pulses for pump–probe experiments at X-ray FELs

Double electron bunch lasing at an X-ray free-electron laser for temporal overlap in pump–probe experiments is presented.

Accepted 20 October 2017

Nanofocusing with aberration-corrected rotationally parabolic refractive X-ray lenses

The recovery of wavefront distortions over multiple Be compound refractive lenses stacks was used to investigate the nanofocusing capabilities of current and aberration-corrected lens stacks.

Accepted 20 October 2017

Single-shot arrival timing diagnostics for a soft X-ray free-electron laser beamline at SACLA

Arrival timing diagnostics between soft X-ray free-electron laser and synchronized optical laser pulses were performed at SACLA BL1.

Accepted 16 October 2017

Pulse-resolved intensity measurements at a hard X-ray FEL using semi-transparent diamond detectors

Intensity monitors for high-intensity X-ray pulses based on diamond plates with beryllium and graphite electrodes are presented.

Accepted 8 October 2017

DA+ data acquisition and analysis software at the Swiss Light Source macromolecular crystallography beamlines

The implementation of DA+ data acquisition and analysis software at Swiss Light Source macromolecular crystallography beamlines is presented. Detailed descriptions of the user interface, acquisition engine, online processing and database, which are the major components of DA+, are given.

Accepted 3 October 2017

Direct experimental observation of the gas density depression effect using a two-bunch X-ray FEL beam

Direct experimental observation of the gas density depression effect by performing an X-ray-pump/X-ray-probe measurement using a two-bunch X-ray FEL beam is presented.

Accepted 2 October 2017

Lead apatites: structural variations among Pb5(BO4)3Cl with B = P (pyromorphite), As (mimetite) and V (vanadinite)

High-resolution powder X-ray diffraction is a powerful technique that can be used to obtain reliable structural parameters on highly crystalline minerals including samples with highly absorbing atoms such as lead.

Accepted 28 September 2017

X-ray beam-shaping via deformable mirrors: surface profile and point spread function computation for Gaussian beams using physical optics

A method to obtain the deformation profile to be imparted to an X-ray mirror in order to turn a Gaussian intensity distribution into any assigned point spread function, and how to easily check the result using physical optics.

Accepted 28 September 2017

Performance of a hard X-ray split-and-delay optical system with a wavefront division

The performance of a hard X-ray split-and-delay optical system with a wavefront division scheme has been investigated at SACLA.

Accepted 26 September 2017

Non-invasive online wavelength measurements at FLASH2 and present benchmark

The commissioning and the first year of operation of the online photoionization spectrometer OPIS at FLASH2 is reported.

Accepted 25 September 2017

Double-grating monochromatic beamline with ultrafast response for FLASH2 at DESY

The preliminary design of a monochromatic beamline for FLASH2 at DESY is discussed.

Accepted 12 September 2017

Diffraction gratings metrology and ray-tracing results for an XUV Raman spectrometer at FLASH

Investigations of the diffraction gratings for the high-resolution XUV Raman spectrometer at FLASH via both ex situ and in situ metrology and ray tracing.

Accepted 6 September 2017

A compact and versatile tender X-ray single-shot spectrometer for online XFEL diagnostics

A single-shot spectrometer for the tender X-ray range is presented, based on the von Hamos geometry and using elastic scattering as a fingerprint of the XFEL-produced spectrum.

Accepted 31 August 2017

FLASH free-electron laser single-shot temporal diagnostic: terahertz-field-driven streaking

The installation and commissioning of a pulse length diagnostic setup at FLASH based on terahertz streaking is reported.

Accepted 10 August 2017

Electron and photon diagnostics for plasma acceleration-based FELs

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