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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 15 May 2017

Structural variation of synchrotron-induced contamination layer (a-C:H) deposited on toroidal Au mirror surface

Accepted 10 May 2017

Numerical simulations of the hard X-ray pulse intensity distribution at the Linac Coherent Light Source

Accepted 8 May 2017

Very efficient spin polarization analysis (VESPA): new exchange scattering-based setup for spin-resolved ARPES at APE-NFFA beamline at Elettra

Accepted 3 May 2017

Accuracy of stress measurement by Laue micro­diffraction (Laue-DIC method): the influence of image noise, calibration errors and spot number

The treatment of Laue microdiffraction images for stress analysis in deformed specimens can be improved by using digital image correlation techniques, thereby resulting in the so-called Laue microdiffraction (Laue-DIC) method. This method has demonstrated better performance than traditional methods in previous studies. In this work, two sources of errors affecting the accuracy of Laue-DIC, i.e. image noise and calibration errors, are identified, and their collective effect along with the influence of the number of spots recorded are assessed by Monte Carlo simulation.

Accepted 22 April 2017

Effects of temperature, mechanical motion and source positional jitter on the resolving power of beamline 02B at the SSRF

Analytical expressions are derived for output X-ray beam energy shifts caused by temperature variation, mechanical motion and vibration, and source positional fluctuations on a soft X-ray beamline using a variable-line-spacing grating monochromator. Measured spectra confirm an acceptable energy-resolving power for experimental requirements.

Accepted 21 April 2017

Using refractive optics to broaden the focus of an X-ray mirror

Refractive optical elements for X-rays that vary the size of the focal spot of an X-ray mirror are reported.

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