free and open-source software used in the production of this site

The production of Crystallography Journals Online depends on the use of several free and open-source software packages. The main ones used are listed below.

[apache] Apache (
The HTTP server software.
[The GNU Project] GNU software (
Various pieces of GNU software including GIMP and ghostscript.
[ImageMagick] ImageMagick (
Very powerful and high quality graphics-manipulation suite.
A very quick relational database from Michael `Monty' Widenius at TcX.
All the Perl that's Practical to Extract and Report
Perl (
Larry Wall's fantastic multi-purpose scripting language.
[RedHat] RedHat Linux (
A great operating system.
Rsync (
Samba (
[sendmail] Sendmail (
The ubiquitous high-volume mail-transfer agent.
[postfix] Postfix (
Fast, easy to administer, and secure, sendmail compatible mail-transfer agent.
SP (
James Clark's SGML parser.
[swish-e] SWISH-E (
A fast, powerful, flexible, free, and easy to use indexing engine.
[Open source TCL] TCL (
John K. Ousterhout's powerful, quick and easy-to-use scripting language.
TeX and LaTeX
TeX and LaTeX (
Donald Knuth's typesetting language and Leslie Lamport's extension of it.

For a directory of free software visit the Free Software Foundation free software directory. An extensive archive of open-source software can be found at!INDEX.html.