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September 2007 issue

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Cover illustration: The molecular form of the guanosine-5'-phosphate tetramer [Zimmerman (1976). J. Mol. Biol. 106, 663-672] has vertices at points of a cubic lattice with parameter a defined by the distance of O6 from the centre. The height is H = 2a and the basis a square scaled by a factor 6 from the central hole. Another square, scaled by 3[square root]2 and turned by 45°, separates phosphates and bases. The indices of the molecular forms are indicated. Courtesy of A. Janner.


research papers

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A method is described of including large-angle librations in the scattering calculated from molecular solids. Results are presented for three sample materials.

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The first direct experimental measurements of structural phase and amplitude in a centrosymmetric crystal from distances in three-beam convergent-beam electron diffraction patterns are presented as a solution to the `phase problem'.

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Non-periodic deterministic and random tilings for the ten compact Euclidean 3-manifolds are introduced and their configurational entropies are computed.

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An algorithm is described that incorporates the direct-methods tangent formula into the structure solution method of charge flipping and the subsequent avoidance of `uranium atom' solutions.

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Using scanning of magnetic space groups, the possible displacement of atoms at the center of non-magnetic domain walls is determined.

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The approach used and the progress made in the assignment of structure types to the crystal structures contained in the ICSD database are reported.

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Rules for determining a unique tiling for a three-periodic net are presented

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Visualizing the crystal-field effect. A combined experimental and theoretical charge-density study on the non-standard amino acid sarcosine.

short communications

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The rocking curve of nonlinear X-ray diffraction in X → X + EUV parametric down-conversion was found to depend strongly on the idler energy.

book reviews

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