The Advances section of Acta Crystallographica Section A offers rapid publication of articles that describe original research of high potential impact and broad interest. Advances articles are often highlighted by an accompanying scientific commentary article and may feature in a news item.

Recently published Advances articles

Research paper: Robust minimal matching rules for quasicrystals. P. Kalugin & A. Katz (2019). Acta Cryst. A75, 
Research paper: Algorithm for distance list extraction from pair distribution functions. R. Gu, S. Banerjee, Q. Du & S. J. L. Billinge (2019). Acta Cryst. A75, 
Research paper: The transformation matrices (distortion, orientation, correspondence), their continuous forms and their variants. C. Cayron (2019). Acta Cryst. A75, 
Research paper: Ultrafast calculation of diffuse scattering from atomistic models. J. A. M. Paddison (2019). Acta Cryst. A75, 
Commentary: Rigid units revisited. A. E. Phillips (2018). Acta Cryst. A74, 406-407. 
Research paper: Comments on A new theory for X-ray diffraction. J. T. Fraser & J. S. Wark (2018). Acta Cryst. A74, 
Topical review: Quasicrystals: What do we know? What do we want to know? What can we know? W. Steurer (2018). Acta Cryst. A74, 
Lead article: Computation in electron microscopy. E. J. Kirkland (2016). Acta Cryst. A72, doi:10.1107/S205327331501757X. 

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