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September 1997 issue

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Cover illustration: Bis(mu-bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-5-ene-2-exo,3-exo-dicarboxylato-kappa2O,O':kappa2O'',O''')bis[aqua(2,2'-bipyridine-N,N')manganese(II)] Monohydrate, see Baumeister and Hartung, pages 1246-1248. Displacement ellipsoids are shown at the 50% probability level for non-H atoms. The uncoordinated water molecules have been omitted for clarity.

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The one-dimensional structure of Sr2Fe2F10.H2O contains octahedral [FeF5]n trans chains, isolated [FeF5(H2O)] octahedra and ten- and eight-coordinate Sr2+ cations.

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The first example of a tricapped trigonal prismatic EuO(H2O)8 site containing one anion O and eight aqua O atoms is reported. Each half of the [(GeTi3W9O37)2O3]14− anion, which exhibits almost the same structure as the anion in K9H5[(GeTi3W9O37)2O3].16H2O, is coordinated by either three Eu3+ or two K+ ions.

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The hydrothermal synthesis, thermal properties and single- crystal structure of a novel open-framework caesium zinc phosphate containing structural units similar to those found in zeolites are presented.

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The effect of a 99% substitution of K by Na in KTiOPO4 is mainly a reduction in the coordination number of the alkali metal ion and, to a lesser extent, a modification of the orientations of the Ti and P coordination polyhedra.

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The structure of CsTbF5 may be regarded as being formed from (TbF5) layers shifted relative to each other by b/2 stacked along [100] and linked by caesium ions. The (TbF5) layers are built from edge- and corner-sharing (TbF8)4− dodecahedra.

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The Re6 octahedral units in Re6Se7Br4 are surrounded by eight atoms (seven Se and one Br) defining a nearly cubic cluster. The clusters are linked to each other in three dimensions via Br bridges.

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Ba2ErCl7 has potential use for infrared-to-green up-conversion and contains ErCl7 polyhedra linked to each other via Ba cations. The array of Ba and Er atoms is isostructural with the alloy Co2Si. Some of the Cl atoms form tunnels running parallel to the c axis.

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