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March 2001 issue

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Cover illustration: The hydrogen-bonded arrangement of 3,3'-(1,2-ethynediyl)­bis­(2-pyridone), center, with two mol­ecules of 6,6'-(1,2-ethyne­diyl)­bis­(2-pyridone), top and bottom, and with two mol­ecules of methanol solvent. Dashed lines indicate hydrogen bonds. Ellipsoids enclose 50% probability. See Maverick, Wash & Lightner [Acta Cryst. (2001), C57, 284-285].

inorganic compounds

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A 3 × 3 × 3 superstructure of TiP2O7 has been determined with synchrotron X-radiation at room temperature. The superstructure is compared with the small parent AB2O7 structure and differs from it rather substantially, especially in the pyrophosphate groups connecting the TiO6 octahedra.

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The crystal structure of a new lithium tin hydro­xide, Li2Sn(OH)6, is presented, showing edge- and corner-sharing Li tetrahedra and Sn octahedra. Hydro­gen bonds between the OH groups provide additional bonds in the framework.

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The crystal structure of hexagonal yttrium trioxomanganate has been determined at room temperature and at 180 K. It is isomorphous with LuMnO3. The Mn displacement vector has a frustrated component in the ab plane and a ferroelectric part along the c axis. The net ferroelectricity is zero due to inversion twinning, with 1:1 twin fractions.

metal-organic compounds

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The structure of [{Ni(C10H8N2)2}2{V6O17}] consists of sinusoidal vanadium oxide layers fused solely by corner-sharing tetrahedra, with complex nickel cations covalently linked to the layers in a covalent manner, with Ni—O distances of 2.027 (3) and 2.087 (3) Å.

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The crystal structure of [Mo10O26(C8H11N)8] consists of discrete neutral mol­ecules which are built up of four Mo2V pairs, with metal–metal single bonds of 2.5637 (6) and 2.6132 (6) Å, and two molybdenum(VI) centres.

organic compounds

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