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September 2001 issue

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Cover illustration: [pi]-Facial selectivities of diastereotopic ketones: p-bromobenzoates of 4-hetero-1-decalinols. View of the molecular structure of trans-4-oxa-1-decalinyl p-bromo­benzoate with the atom-numbering scheme and 30% probability displacement ellipsoids. H atoms are shown as small spheres of arbitrary radii. See Parvez, Yadav & Balamurugan [Acta Cryst. (2001), C57, 1084-1088].

inorganic compounds

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The crystal structure of yttrium tricopper dialuminium, YCu3Al2, is isostructural with hexagonal CaCu5.

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The Sn1.59Nb1.84O6.35 compound belongs to the pyrochlore family with tin(II) in an unusual eccentric position.

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The title compound is a new oxy­chloride. Its structure is composed of layers separated by a van der Waals gap. The layers consist of edge-sharing chains of [InO4Cl2] octahedra linked through [TeO3] trigonal pyramids.

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The triclinic superstructure of LiCa2Nb3O10 can be described as a stack of perovskite-type slabs in which NbO6 octahedra are rotated in a complex manner. Adjacent slabs are connected by Li atoms.

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The structure of Li2AlB5O10 is composed of [B5O10]5− groups and AlO4 tetrahedra. All the hexagonal B–O rings in this structure can be divided into two groups, with one group approximately parallel and the other perpendicular to the c axis.

metal-organic compounds

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The title structure contains corner-shared CdO6 octahedra, linked together by oxalate anions to form a three-dimensional structure.

organic compounds

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