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February 2008 issue

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Cover illustration: A centrosymmetric dimer containing two bis­(2,2,2-trinitro­ethyl) carbon­ate mol­ecules. The bifurcated hydrogen bonding is indicated by dashed lines. See Göbel & Klapötke [Acta Cryst. (2008), C64, o58-o60].

inorganic compounds

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Poly[potassium [diaqua­penta-μ2-dicyan­amido-dicadmium(II)] dihydrate] contains two-dimensional anionic sheets of {[Cd2{N(CN)2}(H2O)2]}n with a modified (6,3)-net (layer group cm2m, No. 35). Two sets of equivalent sheets inter­penetrate orthogonally to form a tetragonal enmeshed grid.

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The syntheses and crystal structures of a new series of isomorphous oxyfluoro­tellurates(IV) of trivalent metals Fe, Ga and Cr are described. Contrary to other oxyfluoro­tellurates, these phases are air stable, which is explained by the absence of Te—F bonds in a structure derived from the α-PbO2 type.

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Li8Cu12+xAl6−x (x = 1.16) is a new structure type related to the Laves phases MgZn2, MgCu1.07Al0.93 and Mg(Cu1−xAlx)2. The atoms in this inter­metallic structure are found in icosa­hedral (Cu atoms), slightly distorted icosa­hedral and bicapped hexa­gonal anti­prismatic (Al/Cu statistical mixture), and Frank–Kasper and distorted Frank–Kasper polyhedral (Li atoms) environments.

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Cs[ReCl4O2] consists of cis-tetra­chlorido­dioxido­rhenate(VII) anions and caesium cations. The distorted octa­hedral anion has nearly C2v symmetry, with a cis arrangement of the oxide ligands.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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