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December 2012 issue

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Cover illustration: The wheel-like arrangement of cyclo-decakis([mu]-cyclo­hexyl­methanol­ato)pentakis[oxido­vanadium(IV)], emphasizing the coordination environment of the vanadium centres. Displacement ellipsoids are drawn at the 50% probability level. See Stinghen, Ferreira, Nunes & Soares [Acta Cryst. (2012), C68, m353-m355].


inorganic compounds

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Structural analysis of six potassium salts of hypodiphospho­ric acid, H4P2O6, containing the anions in all possible basicities, is focused on the anion structure and the organization of the anionic and cationic sublattices.

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Two new mixed-valence iron phosphates, with crystal structures similar to that of the well known synthetic compound Fe7(PO4)6, have been synthesized hydro­thermally at 973 K and 0.1 GPa. The structures are characterized by edge-sharing Fe polyhedra forming chains parallel to the [101] direction. These chains are connected together by Fe3 octa­hedra and PO4 tetra­hedra. FeIII is located in the Fe1 and Fe2 octa­hedra. Fe3 occurs in a five-coordinated environment and is occupied by FeII, whereas the Fe4 octa­hedra are occupied by FeII and vacancies.

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The divalent cations in Ba1.01Sr0.99P2O7 are distributed on three different sites with non-unit occupancies, in contrast with isostructural compounds where only two sites are fully occupied.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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