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December 2019 issue

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Cover illustration: Crystal structure of the human adenovirus B serotype 3 fibre knob in complex with the EC2-EC3 fragment of desmoglein 2 [Vassal-Stermann et al. (2019), Acta Cryst. F75, 750-757].

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The biophysical characterization and crystallization of an extracellular domain of the EsaA membrane component of the type VIIb secretion system is described.

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A three-pronged approach to obtaining X-ray diffraction-quality crystals of the basal SpaB pilin subunit of the lactobacillar SpaCBA pilus is reported. Hexagonal crystals of lysine-methylated SpaB protein were produced and diffracted to a resolution of 2.4 Å.

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The crystal structure of the MIF4G domain of Trypanosoma cruzi EIF4G5 reveals differences that may account for the specific interaction mechanisms of MIF4G.

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The solution of the crystal structure of the Rep domain of Wheat dwarf virus can help inform the development of protein–ssDNA binding tags.

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The crystal structure of the complex between the trimeric human adenovirus B serotype 3 fibre knob and desmoglein fragments composed of cadherin domains EC2 and EC3 containing three calcium-binding sites has been determined at 4.5 Å resolution and confirmed by the anomalous signal from terbium ions, which replaced the calcium ions.
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