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Figure 1
Amplitudes (log scale, arbitrary units) of the difference FCs [| {\widetilde {C^n}} (q_{1}, q_{2}) |] for n = [1,\ldots, 6], calculated from X-ray scattering images for the sample with a volume fraction φg = 0.05% of goethite nanorods at T = 229 K. The colour map and the axes specified in panel (d) are the same for all maps. The dashed line at q1 = q2 = q, and the dotted lines at q2 = 0.15, 0.25 and 0.40 nm−1 in panel (d) indicate sections through the 2D maps (maps for n > 6 are not shown here). These sections are shown in Fig. 2[link].

Volume 6| Part 4| July 2019| Pages 635-648
ISSN: 2052-2525