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Figure 1
(a) DCM geometry according to the fixed beam impact point at the rotation axis O, showing Bragg angles [\theta_{{\rm{B}}_{1}}] and [\theta_{{\rm{B}}_{2}}] and the corresponding gaps g1 and g2, keeping constant offset H between the monochromatic and incident beams. (b) Effect of DCM inter-crystal parallelism variation ΔRx in the position of the virtual source δyΔRx. (c) DCM geometry including α and β miscut angles in asymmetric crystals, where [\hat{\bf{u}}] represents the unit vector of the incident beam, [\hat{\bf{n}}] the unit vector normal to the diffraction planes, which is made parallel to the gap g that defines the offset H, and D is the distance traveled by the beam between crystals [adapted from Sterbinsky & Heald (2021BB43)].

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