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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 10 September 2020

Zernike phase-contrast full-field transmission X-ray nanotomography for 400 micrometre-sized samples

A method for sub-millimetre field-of-view full-field X-ray tomography at a resolution of hundreds of nanometres is presented.

Accepted 27 August 2020

Practical design and performance of a new merged APPLE-Knot undulator

A new design of a magnet-merged APPLE-Knot undulator with low on-axis heat load and high polarization is presented.

Accepted 27 August 2020

Improving the soft X-ray reflectivity of Cr/Ti multilayers by co-deposition of B4C

Systematic analysis on interfaces of Cr/Ti multilayers has been performed. The near-normal-incidence reflectivity increases from 4.48% to 15.75% at a wavelength of 2.73 nm using co-deposition of B4C.

Accepted 26 August 2020

Mjölnir: a miniature triaxial rock deformation apparatus for 4D synchrotron X-ray microtomography

This contribution provides the design, construction and assembly details for an X-ray transparent triaxial deformation cell for 4D investigations of rock deformation and coupled chemical–mechanical processes in the geosciences. The portability and flexibility of the cell are demonstrated by deployment on four different synchrotron beamlines.

Accepted 26 August 2020

Two-color X-ray free-electron laser consisting of broadband and narrowband beams

A new scheme is proposed and demonstrated to generate a two-color X-ray free-electron laser consisting of broadband and narrowband beams.

Accepted 22 August 2020

Speckle correlation as a monitor of X-ray free-electron laser induced crystal lattice deformation

Free-electron laser X-ray beam-induced lattice disorder is investigated by measuring shot-to-shot evolution of near-Bragg coherent diffuse scattering from single-crystal germanium. It is shown that X-ray photon correlation analysis of sequential speckle measurements can be used to monitor the nature and extent of the lattice displacement rearrangement.

Accepted 19 August 2020

THORONDOR: software for fast treatment and analysis of low-energy XAS data

THORONDOR is a Python software realized for the analysis of multiple NEXAFS spectra collected in situ. It allows the correction and normalization of the acquired spectra through a fast and intuitive interface. Moreover, it offers a sophisticated toolbox for the fitting of the NEXAFS rising-edge peaks.

Accepted 18 August 2020

3D virtual histology of human pancreatic tissue by multiscale phase-contrast X-ray tomography

This paper presents propagation-based phase-contrast tomography in two configurations at the beamline endstation GINIX, demonstrated on the application of 1 mm human pancreatic tumor tissue biopsies.

Accepted 17 August 2020

Geometric determination of direction of dislocations using synchrotron X-ray transmission topography

A geometric method for resolving dislocation directions in synchrotron X-ray topography is described.

Accepted 14 August 2020

Bent crystal Laue analyser combined with total reflection fluorescence-X-ray absorption fine structure (BCLA + TRF-XAFS) and its application to surface studies

A bent crystal Laue analyser combined with total reflection fluorescence X-ray absorption fine structure is a promising technique for in situ surface analysis of highly dispersed systems even in the presence of solution.

Accepted 9 August 2020

Counting-loss correction method based on dual-exponential impulse shaping

Accepted 4 August 2020

Recent advances in the development of high-resolution 3D cadmium–zinc–telluride drift strip detectors

New high-resolution cadmium–zinc–telluride drift strip detectors have been developed with excellent room-temperature energy resolution of 0.8% FWHM at 662 keV.

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