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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 29 November 2019

Development of shock-dynamics study with synchrotron-based time-resolved X-ray diffraction using an Nd:Glass laser system

Accepted 27 November 2019

Room-temperature X-ray response of cadmium–zinc–telluride pixel detectors grown by the vertical Bridgman technique

Sub-millimetre arrays with pixel pitch less than 500 µm, based on boron oxide encapsulated vertical Bridgman grown cadmium–zinc–telluride crystals, were fabricated.

Accepted 18 November 2019

Phase-contrast 3D tomography of HeLa cells grown in PLLA polymer electrospun scaffolds using synchrotron X-rays

Phase-contrast X-ray tomography together with advanced image processing has provided 3D observation of unstained HeLa cells grown in PLLA electrospun scaffolds with a large field of view. The 4 µm fiber diameter scaffold showed cell clustering and deeper penetration after 8 days of growth compared with the 2 µm fiber diameter scaffold.

Accepted 17 November 2019

Nanoscopic X-ray imaging and qu­antification of the iron cellular architecture within single fibroblasts of Friedreich's ataxia patients

Single cells of human fibroblasts with the iron-storage disease Friedreich's ataxia were analyzed with the ESRF's powerful ID16A `nano-imaging' beamline located in Grenoble, France. Unsurpassed absolute limits of detection were obtained, among which 180 iron atoms within an X-ray beam footprint of 30 nm × 50 nm under scanning mode conditions, providing a unique insight in the cell's iron architecture at the subcellular and organelle level. Seen from a broader perspective, brilliant synchrotron light can as such lift the veil on the amount and complex arrangement of metals at the subcellular scale.

Accepted 11 November 2019

Visualization of woven bone structure through analysis of biopsy specimens using synchrotron radiation and conventional X-ray microcomputed tomography

This study explores the application of synchrotron radiation and conventional microcomputed tomography in evaluating bone-biopsy specimens. The study showed that all the represented elements of grafted sites and clear and accurate segmentations resulted in a realistic and detailed 3D image of woven bone structures such as new bone and bone substitutes.

Accepted 4 November 2019

Characterization of the soft X-ray spectrometer PEAXIS at BESSY II

The performance of the recently commissioned spectrometer PEAXIS for resonant inelastic soft X-ray scattering and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and its hosting beamline U41-PEAXIS at the BESSY II synchrotron are experimentally characterized. With the design of the instrument, a 5 m-long RIXS spectrometer arm that can be continuously rotated by 106° and its sample environment for single crystalline materials covering a broad temperature range 10 K–1000 K, PEAXIS targets fundamental science in solid state physics where access to a range of wavevector transfers is imperative.

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