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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 13 February 2024

Increased spatial coherence length from an asymmetric crystal reflection at grazing exit

A multiple crystal diffraction arrangement with a final asymmetric crystal diffracting at grazing exit was found to yield a 76% longer spatial coherence length compared with that for a beam directly exiting a double-crystal monochromator.

Accepted 10 February 2024

VerSoX B07-B: a high-throughput XPS and ambient pressure NEXAFS beamline at Diamond Light Source

This manuscript describes a new beamline for soft X-ray spectroscopy, VerSoX B07-B at Diamond Light Source, UK. The beamline is designed to accommodate a wide range of sample environments and measurement conditions ranging from ultrahigh vacuum to in-situ liquid studies.

Accepted 7 February 2024

Efficient end-to-end simulation of time-dependent coherent X-ray scattering experiments

End-to-end simulation of time-dependent partially coherent X-ray scattering experiments is demonstrated with SRW code. A coherent mode decomposition and GPU acceleration recently implemented in the code make such simulations feasible and efficient for a typical XPCS experiment at a storage ring light source. This enables more detailed tests and optimization of experimental configurations and data processing before using beamtime as well as understanding experimental data.

Accepted 5 February 2024

Development of the multiplex imaging chamber at PAL-XFEL

A new instrument that can collect small-/wide-angle X-ray diffraction and X-ray emission spectra simultaneously to probe the physical and chemical structures of specimens is introduced.

Accepted 3 February 2024

Measuring magnetic hysteresis curves with polarized soft X-ray resonant reflectivity

The combination of linear and non-linear dependence of the intensity on the magnetic moment leads to different forms of the reflectivity as a function of both polarisation and the direction of the applied magnetic field. Using circular polarisation it was found that it is possible to measure the hysteresis when the field is perpendicular to the scattering plane (unlike X-ray absorption) but with no dependence on the helicity of the beam.

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