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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Journal of Synchrotron Radiation.

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Accepted 22 May 2023

Soft X-ray beamline, BL1N2, at Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center and its industrial use

This paper describes the basic information of BL1N2, the effect of ageing by synchrotron radiation to suppress mirror contamination, and efforts to support industrial use.

Accepted 15 May 2023

Translocation and fate of nanospheres in pheochromocytoma cells following exposure to synchrotron sourced terahertz radiation

Synchrotron sourced radiation driven internalization and localization of nanospheres inside mammalian cells.

Accepted 15 May 2023

A compact gas attenuator for the SwissFEL ATHOS beamline realized using additive manufacturing

A compact gas attenuator for the SwissFEL ATHOS beamline with a custom manifold realized using additive manufacturing is described. First results show that the response is as expected from theoretical calculations.

Accepted 14 May 2023

Towards wavefront preservation X-ray crystal monochromator for high-repetition-rate FEL

The thermal deformation requirement for wavefront preservation through an X-ray crystal monochromator is found to restrict the standard deviation of the height error to less than 25 pm under certain conditions. By optimizing effective cooling temperature of liquid nitro­gen cooled crystals, combined with the compensation of second order component in thermal deformation, we have an approach to reach this unprecedented requirement.

Accepted 11 May 2023

Qu­antitative alignment parameter estimation for analyzing X-ray photoelectron spectra

A model of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy experiment accounting for photon beam asperities, sample geometry and kinetic energy analyzer is introduced. This model is related via the alignment parameter to a simple model commonly used for data interpretation. An alignment parameter estimation method is introduced and tested with simulated and experimental data.

Accepted 22 April 2023

X-ray mirrors with sub-nanometre figure errors obtained by differential deposition of thin WSi2 films

The surface figure of an X-ray mirror has been corrected by differential deposition of WSi2 films.

Accepted 21 April 2023

Mapping nanocrystal orientations via scanning Laue diffraction microscopy for multi-peak Bragg coherent diffraction imaging

A workflow for orienting and mapping nanocrystals on a substrate of a different material lattice using scanning Laue diffraction microscopy has been established.

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