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Acta Cryst. (2005). E61, m1628-m1632  [ doi:10.1107/S1600536805023263 ]

[Co(H2O)6]{[Co(C4H4N2)(H2O)2][V2O2(pmida)2]}·2H2O [H4pmida is N-(phosphonomethyl)iminodiacetic acid]: the first two-dimensional hybrid framework containing [V2O2(pmida)2]4- building blocks

F. A. Almeida Paz, F.-N. Shi, L. Mafra, A. Makal, K. Wozniak, T. Trindade, J. Klinowski and J. Rocha

Online 27 July 2005

Key indicators

checkCIF/PLATON results

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Alert level A PLAT029_ALERT_3_A _diffrn_measured_fraction_theta_full Low ....... 0.93
Author Response: Even though crystal data was collected up to 28.81 degrees (which is higher than the required 25.24 degrees for MoKa radiation), the selected single-crystal (the largest from several batches) diffracted weakly at high angles.

Alert level C REFLT03_ALERT_3_C Reflection count < 95% complete From the CIF: _diffrn_reflns_theta_max 28.81 From the CIF: _diffrn_reflns_theta_full 28.81 From the CIF: _reflns_number_total 3994 TEST2: Reflns within _diffrn_reflns_theta_max Count of symmetry unique reflns 4316 Completeness (_total/calc) 92.54%
Author Response: Please, see our response to _vrf_PLAT029.
PLAT200_ALERT_1_C Check the Reported _diffrn_ambient_temperature .        293 K     
Author Response: Data was indeed collected at ambient temperature.
PLAT705_ALERT_1_C D-H     Calc   0.828(10), Rep     0.84(2), Dev..       1.20 Sigma 
              O1W  -H1C     1.555   1.555                                       

Alert level G ABSTM02_ALERT_3_G The ratio of expected to reported Tmax/Tmin(RR') is < 0.90 Tmin and Tmax reported: 0.354 0.724 Tmin(prime) and Tmax expected: 0.458 0.784 RR(prime) = 0.838 Please check that your absorption correction is appropriate.
1 ALERT level A = In general: serious problem 0 ALERT level B = Potentially serious problem 3 ALERT level C = Check and explain 1 ALERT level G = General alerts; check 2 ALERT type 1 CIF construction/syntax error, inconsistent or missing data 0 ALERT type 2 Indicator that the structure model may be wrong or deficient 3 ALERT type 3 Indicator that the structure quality may be low 0 ALERT type 4 Improvement, methodology, query or suggestion

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