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The following articles are a selection of those recently accepted for publication in Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications.

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Accepted 16 October 2018

Crystal structures of three halide salts of L-asparagine: an isostructural series

The monohydrated chloride, bromide and iodide salt forms of the amino acid L-asparagine form an isostructural series.

Accepted 16 October 2018

Synthesis, crystallographic analysis and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 4-bromo-2-{[2-(5-bromo-2-nitro­phen­yl)hydrazin-1-yl­idene]meth­yl}-5-fluoro­phenol

The title compound is nearly planar with a dihedral angle of 10.6 (4)° between the two benzene rings.

Accepted 15 October 2018

Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of ethyl 2-{4-[(3-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-di­hydro­quinoxalin-1-yl)meth­yl]-1H-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl}acetate

The di­hydro­qinoxalinone portion of the mol­ecule is planar to within 0.0512 (12) Å. In the crystal, a combination of C—H⋯O and C—H⋯N hydrogen bonds together with slipped π-stacking and C—H⋯π(ring) inter­actions lead to the formation of chains extending along the c-axis direction. The chains are linked into layers parallel to the bc plane by sets of four C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds and the layers are tied together by complementary π-stacking inter­actions.

Accepted 15 October 2018

Crystal structure of 5,15-di­hexyl-5,15-di­hydro­benzo[2,1-b:4,3-c′]dicarbazole hexane 0.375-solvate

In the title compound, two helicenes form a porous structure with mol­ecules of hexane inserted into the holes.

Accepted 14 October 2018

Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of (E)-N-benzyl­idene-4-chloro­benzene­sulfono­hydrazide and of its (E)-4-chloro-N-(ortho- and para-methyl­benzyl­idene)benzene­sulfono­hydrazide derivatives

The crystal structures of (E)-N-(benzyl­idene)-4-chloro­benzene­sulfono­hydrazide (I) and its ortho- and para-methyl-substituted benzyl­idene derivatives, (E)-N-(2-methyl­benzyl­idene)-4-chloro-benzene­sulfono­hydrazide (II) and (E)-N-(4-methyl­benzyl­idene)-4-chloro­benzene­sulfono­hydrazide (III), have been studied to investigate the effect of substitution on the structural and supra­molecular features of these compounds.

Accepted 11 October 2018

The first spontaneous resolution of a sulfoxide: Dianin's compound analogue, (R)-4-(4-hy­droxy­phen­yl)-2,2,4-tri­methyl­thia­chroman-1-oxide

The single epimer of Dianin's compound analogue, (R)-4-(4-hy­droxy­phen­yl)-2,2,4-tri­methyl­thia­chroman-1-oxide, was prepared by multiple recrystallization and studied by X-ray diffraction.

Accepted 10 October 2018

Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of di­methyl (3aS,6R,6aS,7S)-2-(2,2,2-tri­fluoro­acet­yl)-2,3-di­hydro-1H,6H,7H-3a,6:7,9a-di­epoxy­benzo[de]iso­quinoline-3a1,6a-di­carboxyl­ate

In the mol­ecular structure of the title compound, two di­hydro­furan and two tetra­hydro­furan rings as well as one piperidine ring are fused together. In the crystal, mol­ecules are linked by C—H⋯O and C—H⋯F hydrogen bonds, forming a three-dimensional network.

Accepted 8 October 2018

Crystal structure of (di­ethyl ether-κO)[5,10,15,20-tetra­kis­(2-iso­thio­cyanato­phen­yl)porphyrinato-κ4N]zinc di­ethyl ether solvate

The synthesis and crystal structure of 5,10,15,20-tetra­kis α,α,α,α 2-iso­thio­cyanato­phenyl zinc(II) porphyrin are reported. The crystal structure consists of discrete porphyrin complexes that are located on a twofold rotation axis with the ZnII cation in a square-pyramidal coordination environment defined by the porphyrin N atoms at the basal sites and a diethyl ether mol­ecule at the apical site.

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