language-editing services

The Notes for Authors of IUCr Journals state that

Articles should be clearly written and grammatically correct. If the Co-editor concludes that language problems would place an undue burden on the referee(s), the manuscript may be returned to the authors without review.

Authors for whom English is a second language may choose to have their article professionally edited before submission. The IUCr does not provide a list of suppliers of language-editing services, but lists of suppliers are available from our publishing partner, Wiley-Blackwell, in the Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Author Services page.


The editing services listed by Wiley-Blackwell are not associated with the IUCr or Wiley-Blackwell, nor any journal published by the IUCr or Wiley-Blackwell, and the IUCr and Wiley-Blackwell do not receive any commission or other benefit from the editing service in exchange for the listing. All services acquired from an editing service are at the author's own expense and risk, and the IUCr and Wiley-Blackwell have no part in the selection of the editing service or the interaction between the author and the supplier. Accordingly, the IUCr and Wiley-Blackwell do not endorse and accept no responsibility or liability for any services provided by the editing services, nor do we imply any guarantees, warranties or representations about their content or accuracy.