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March 2013 issue

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Cover illustration: A model of the second generation of a three-dimensional `paperfolding' structure on a background of a `crazy' tiling derived from two-dimensional paperfolding [Ben-Abraham et al. (2013). Acta Cryst. A69, 123-130].

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A general multidimensional recursion rule for the regular paperfolding structure is put forward. The two-dimensional structure is explicitly constructed and its symbolic complexity computed. The structures yield multidimensional tilings as well.

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Expressions for absorption and the secondary scattering intensity ratio are presented for a small beam impinging off-center of a spherical amorphous sample.

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A new concept in virology provides insights into structural constraints on virus structure, extending Caspar–Klug theory to include predictions across all radial levels of the virus particle including genome organization. The predictive power of the new tool is demonstrated for a range of viruses, revealing a previously unrecognized structural interdependence of shapes and sizes of different viral components.

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Affine extensions of the icosahedral group, applied to the investigation of icosahedral viruses, are considered in the framework of molecular crystallography.

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A technique to measure the energy profiles of Laue spots in X-ray Laue microdiffraction is presented. It uses a single-crystal diamond filter that attenuates several well defined energies in the incident white-beam spectrum. A first application to lattice-parameter measurements is demonstrated.

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It is demonstrated that crystal structures can be successfully refined against precession electron diffraction data using full dynamical calculations of diffracted intensities.

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The results of experimental and theoretical studies of the influence of ultrasound on neutron wave propagation in a thick Ge crystal are presented. At low amplitudes of ultrasonic waves interference effects (diffraction intensity beatings near the center of a Bormann fan) were observed for the first time.

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