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Acta Crystallographica Section B is planning a number of special issues to reflect the journal subtitle "Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and Materials". If you would like to see a special issue on a particular topic in Acta Crystallographica Section B in the future, please send your suggestion to the Section Editors Alexander J. Blake (alexanderjohnblake@outlook.com), Marc de Boissieu (Marc.de-boissieu@simap.inpg.fr) or Ashwini Nangia (ashwini.nangia@gmail.com) or contact the Managing Editor (Amanda Berry; ab@iucr.org)

Recently published special issues

Acta Crystallographica Section B has recently published a special issues on Structure correlation and dynamics in crystals (1 June 2022) as a birthday tribute to Professor Hans-Beat Bürgi. Previous special issues include topics such as quantum crystallography, electron crystallography, mineralogical crystallography, charge density and photo-/time-resolved crystallography, halogen bonding, crystal structure prediction, energy materials, crystal engineering and non-ambient crystallography. Full details of these issues are available below.

Structure correlation and dynamics in crystals: a tribute to Professor Hans-Beat Bürgi

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Guest editors: Simon Grabowsky (University of Bern, Switzerland; simon.grabowsky@dcb.unibe.ch) and Mark Spackman (University of Western Australia, Australia; mark.spackman@uwa.edu.au)

This thematic special issue deals with dynamics and disorder in crystals as well as structure correlation and quantum crystallography. It is dedicated to Hans-Beat Bürgi on the occasion of his 80th birthday. It outlines the history of this field by reminiscing about Hans-Beat's work over the past 50 years, and it showcases modern applications presented by those who have known Hans-Beat and worked with him.

Quantum crystallography

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Guest editors: Piero Macchi (Politecnico Milano, Italy; piero.macchi@polimi.it) and Jean-Michel Gillet (CentraleSupelec, France; Jean-michel.gillet@centralesupelec.fr)

This virtual special issue collects papers covering various aspects of quantum crystallography from authors who participated in QCrOM2020.

Electron crystallography

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Guest editors: Joke Hadermann (University of Antwerp, Belgium; joke.hadermann@uantwerpen.be) and Lukas Palatinus (Institute of Physics of the AS CR, Czech Republic; palat@fzu.cz)

This special issue collects papers covering various aspects of electron crystallography, including several reviews on the methods, techniques, and software. It also is intended to be a starting ground for new researchers wishing to explore this growing field.

Mineralogical Crystallography

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Guest editors: Sergey V. Krivovichev (St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation; e-mail: s.krivovichev@spbu.ru), Janusz Lipkowski (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Poland; e-mail: Janusz.lipkowski@wp.pl) and Stuart J. Mills (Museums Victoria, Australia; e-mail: smills@museum.vic.gov.au)

This special issue is devoted to mineralogical crystallography and collects some important contributions that demonstrate the diversity of crystallographic ideas and methods developed to solve valuable issues in mineralogy.

Charge density and photo-/time-resolved crystallography: a tribute to Professor Philip Coppens

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Guest editors: Professor Claude Lecomte (Universite de Lorraine, France; e-mail: claude.lecomte@univ-lorraine.fr), Dr Jason Benedict (University at Buffalo, USA; email: jbb6@buffalo.edu) and Dr Yu-Sheng Chen (University of Chicago, USA; email: yschen@cars.uchicago.edu)

This special issue is dedicated to the outstanding contributions of Professor Philip Coppens to nearly all areas of chemical crystallography. `Charge density and photo-/time-resolved crystallography: a tribute to Professor Philip Coppens' will feature works, including those from many former students, postdocs and collaborators, that showcase exciting theoretical and experimental developments in the areas of structural dynamics and high-accuracy electron density measurements.

Halogen bonding

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Guest editors: Dr Pierangelo Metrangolo (Politecnico di Milano, Italy; e-mail: pierangelo.metrangolo@polimi.it) and Professor Mate Erdelyi (University of Gothenburg, Sweden; email: mate@chem.gu.se)

In this special issue a selection of the research presented at the 2nd International Symposium on Halogen Bonding, ISXB-2, is presented, highlighting some of the main advances in this field including fundamental and computational chemistry, crystal engineering, biochemistry and molecular biology, liquid systems and applications.

Crystal structure prediction

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Guest editors: Dr Graeme M. Day (University of Southampton, England; e-mail: g.m.day@soton.ac.uk) and Professor Carl Henrik Görbitz (University of Oslo, Norway; email: c.h.gorbitz@kjemi.uio.no)

The issue gives a flavour of progress and current research in the area of crystal structure prediction. Developments continue to be made in computational approaches for calculating the stabilities of molecular crystals, as well as for exploring crystal packing possibilities. As exemplified in the sixth blind test of crystal structure prediction, these methods are becoming applicable to complex target structures.

Energy materials

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Guest editors: Simon Parsons (University of Edinburgh, Scotland; e-mail: Simon.Parsons@ed.ac.uk), Richard I. Walton (University of Warwick, England; e-mail: r.i.walton@warwick.ac.uk) and Karena Chapman (Argonne National Laboratory, USA; email: chapmank@aps.anl.gov)

Papers in this issue focus on a broad range of research devoted to energy materials, investigating the role and application of structural science in one of the most important scientific challenges of our age: the identification of secure, sustainable and affordable sources of energy.

Non-ambient crystallography

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Guest editors: Dave Billing (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; e-mail: dave.billing@wits.ac.za) and Andrzej Katrusiak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland; e-mail: katran@amu.edu.pl)

This issue represents a sampling of what is possible in the broad field of non-ambient crystallography. It indicates that researchers are reaching out for non-ambient conditions in their search for new materials, but also to improve their understanding of the properties of matter under both normal and extreme conditions.

Crystal engineering

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Guest editor: Andrew Bond (University of Copenhagen, Denmark; e-mail: andrew.bond@sund.ku.dk)

This issue emphasises the fundamentals of crystal engineering, but also gives a clear indication of two main areas where crystal engineering is now being applied, namely pharmaceutical solids and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).

Full list of published special issues

Special issue on structure correlation and dynamics in crystals: a tribute to Professor Hans-Beat Bürgi
Acta Cryst. Volume B78, Part 3 Number 1 (pp. 281-424, 1 June 2022)

Quantum crystallography
Acta Cryst. Quantum crystallography special issue (December 2021)

Special issue on electron crystallography
Acta Cryst. Volume B75, Part 4 (pp. 462-765, 1 August 2019)

Special issue on mineralogical crystallography
Acta Cryst. Volume B74, Part 6 (pp. 467-744, 1 December 2018)

Special issue on charge density, photocrystallography and time-resolved crystallography: a tribute to Professor Philip Coppens
Acta Cryst. Volume B73, Part 4 (pp. 519-774, 1 August 2017)

Special issue on halogen bonding
Acta Cryst. Volume B73, Part 2 (pp. 135-323, 1 April 2017)

Special issue on crystal structure prediction
Acta Cryst. Volume B72, Part 4 (pp. 435-657, 1 August 2016)

Special issue on energy materials
Acta Cryst. Volume B71, Part 6 (pp. 583-813, 1 December 2015)

Special issue on non-ambient crystallography
Acta Cryst. Volume B70, Part 3 (pp. 399-615, 1 June 2014)

Special issue on crystal engineering
Acta Cryst. Volume B70, Part 1 (pp. 1-195, 1 February 2014)

Special issue on crystallographic databases
Acta Cryst. Volume B58, Part 3 Number 1 (pp. 317-422, 1 June 2002)

New trends in small moiety crystallography
Acta Cryst. Volume B51, Part 4 (pp. 385-640, 1 August 1995)

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