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May 2002 issue

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Cover illustration: A view of the molecular structure of bis(2,2'-methyl­imino­diethanolato)tetrakis(propane-1,3-diolato)trititanium(IV). Only the major conformations for the N-methyl­diethoxo­amine rings are shown. Displacement ellipsoids are drawn at the 30% probability level and H atoms have been omitted for clarity. See Kemmitt, Gainsford & Robson-Marsden [Acta Cryst. (2002), C58, m310-m312].

inorganic compounds

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The structure of the new quaternary thiophosphate RbNb2(S2)3(PS4) is made up of one-dimensional {^{\kern 4pt 1}_{\infty}}[Nb2(S2)3(PS4)] chains and these are stabilized by Rb+ ions.

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The crystal structures of monoclinic α-, orthorhombic β- and orthorhombic γ-Cu(H2PO2)2 have been determined at different temperatures. Despite having different space groups, the structures of the α- and β-polymorphs are very similar. The structures of the polymeric layers in the γ-polymorph are quite different.

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AgNi3(PO4)(HPO4)2 has an alluaudite-like structure but shows some differences, owing to the presence of the H atoms. The Ag atom, one Ni atom and one P atom lie on twofold axes.

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Tl2Te is formed from Tl5Te3 by ordering of shear planes.

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The structure of a room-temperature phase of (NH4)2(PO3F) is related to β-K2SO4. Phase transitions were detected at 251±2 and 274±2 K during cooling and heating, respectively.

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A Rietveld refinement of a new γ polymorph for sodium gallate is reported. The structure shows the normal distribution of cations over two different sets of tetrahedral sites, as normally presented by other γ structures in many tetrahedral oxides.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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