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October 2007 issue

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Cover illustration: Part of the crystal structure of 2,3,10,11-tetra­thia­tricyclo­[,9]hexa­deca-4,6,8,12,14,16-hexa­ene, showing the formation of a [pi]-stacked sheet. For the sake of clarity, H atoms have been omitted. See Yearley, Lippert, Mitchell & Pinkerton [Acta Cryst. (2007), C63, o576-o577].

inorganic compounds

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The structures of the title compounds are built from octa­hedral [Co(NH3)x(H2O)y]3+ cations and [Zr3F18]6− anionic chains. O—H⋯F hydrogen bonds help to establish the crystal packing.

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The structure of a new lithium bis­muth phosphate, LiBi7.37P3O19, consists of infinite OBi4 edge-sharing tetra­hedral chains in the ac plane, which form Bi2O2 layers parallel to the b axis. They are sandwiched between PO4 tetra­hedral and Bi polyhedral layers. The PO4–Bi–PO4 layers are bridged by columns formed by one Bi polyhedron flanked on each side by LiO4 tetra­hedra.

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Isokite, ideally CaMg(PO4)F, is isomorphous with C2/c titanite and consists of PO4, MgO4F2, and CaO6F polyhedra.

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This study presents the first structural report of kolbeckite, with the ideal formula ScPO4·2H2O (scandium phosphate dihydrate), based on single-crystal X-ray diffraction data. Kolbeckite belongs to the metavariscite mineral group, in which each PO4 tetra­hedron shares four vertices with four ScO4(H2O)2 octa­hedra and vice versa, forming a three-dimensional network of polyhedra.

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The structure and absolute configuration of tetra­gonal Y2Ge2O7 was determined from X-ray diffraction data. A comparison is made with related lanthanide pyrogermanates of the series R2Ge2O7 (R = Eu and Tb–Lu).

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A new Sr–Zn compound with the BaCd11 structure type has been synthesized at high pressure. It contains chains of all-face-capped Zn tetra­hedra which are inter­connected by shared capping atoms.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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