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December 2007 issue

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Cover illustration: The one-dimensional hydrogen-bonding motifs in 5-butyl-5-ethyl­barbituric acid, viz. tape and ladder. See Gelbrich, Zencirci & Griesser [Acta Cryst. (2007), C63, o751-o753].

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The crystal structure and synthesis of Bi5O7Br are described. The structure is compared with that of closely related (but non-isotypic) α-Bi5O7I.

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The title compound contains zigzag-like chains of corner-sharing [Y2O10] dimers and BO3 triangles, which complete a three-dimensional framework. The Rb+ ions are located in the channels.

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Rietveld refinements from very high resolution neutron powder diffraction data on the relaxor ferroelectric [Pb(Zn0.3066Nb0.6133Ti0.08)O3] (PZN-8%PT) show that it is monoclinic in the space group Cm at 4 K. Atomic coordinates show strong electric polarization at this temperature.

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The title compound, diiron(II) phosphate hydroxide, Fe2(PO4)(OH), has been synthesized hydro­thermally and is the synthetic analogue of the mineral wolfeite. The crystal structure contains edge- and corner-sharing FeO4(OH) and FeO4(OH)2 polyhedra, linked via corner-sharing to the PO4 tetra­hedra.

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Iranite is isomorphous with hemihedrite, ZnPb10(CrO4)6(SiO4)2F2. The SiO4 and CrO4 tetra­hedra and CuO4(OH)2 octa­hedra form layers parallel to (120) that are held together by Pb2+ cations.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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