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Cover illustration: Two-dimensional isostructurality among polymorphs of benzene-1,2-diamine, showing (top) the crystal packing in one polymorph, viewed down the a axis, and (bottom) the crystal packing in a second polymorph, viewed down the b axis. Hydrogen bonds are shown as dotted lines. See Czapik & Gdaniec [Acta Cryst. (2010), C66, o198-o201].

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The title structure is a new modification of Tl2CrO4. It is closely related to the already known modification which belongs to the β-K2SO4 family, but it differs in the number of independent cations and anions: there are four independent Tl+ cations and two [CrO4]2− anions in the title structure, in contrast with the β-K2SO4 family where there are two independent cations and one anion.

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The structure of the title compound, in the space group F23, is related to a cubic perovskite, with isolated RuO6 octa­hedra and distorted O polyhedra around Al. The La and Sr atoms share the same sites.

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The monoclinic structure (C2/c) of the title compound is built up from layers of PO4 and ZnO4 vertex-sharing tetra­hedra parallel to the bc plane with inter­layer ZnO2(N/O)2 tetra­hedra. Neighbouring layers are linked via Zn—O—P bridges. Hydrogen bonding and weaker electrostatic contacts are present between adjacent ZnO2(N/O)2 tetra­hedra and between these tetra­hedra and the layers parallel to the bc plane.

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The Cu2Se3Sn structure investigated in this paper is a superstructure of the cubic and monoclinic modifications reported earlier. The eight independent Cu atoms and four independent Sn atoms occupy, respectively, one-third and one-sixth of the tetra­hedral holes in a pseudo-close-packed Se lattice. The cation positions are fully ordered.

metal-organic compounds

organic compounds

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