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July 2022 issue

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Cover illustration: dNTPase [Liu et al. (2022), Acta Cryst. D78, 817–824]. Beam image-shift electron cryo-tomography (BISECT) and constrained single-particle tomography (CSPT) were used to obtain a high-resolution structure of an ∼300 kDa dNTPase complex from Vibrio cholerae.


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A new method, checkMySequence, for the fast and automated detection of register errors in protein models built into cryo-EM reconstructions is presented.

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In this article, it is shown that high-throughput strategies for tomographic data acquisition combined with unsupervised techniques for image analysis provide the foundation for closing the resolution gap between the high-resolution strategies used to study molecular assemblies reconstituted in vitro and techniques for in situ structure determination.

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Crystal structures of apo and trehalose-bound forms of LpqY from Mycobacterium tuberculosis are presented at 2.2 and 1.9 Å resolution, respectively. The structural analysis, together with in silico and binding-affinity analyses, show the specificity and stereoselectivity of Mtb-LpqY for trehalose over maltose.

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Microsecond melting and revitrification of cryo samples preserves the structure of embedded particles. The beam-induced motion of revitrified samples is comparable to that of conventional cryo samples.

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A new software package, autoPX, for processing X-ray diffraction data from biomacromolecular crystals is introduced. It adopts several novel methods and provides adequate solutions to problems encountered at the SSRF beamlines.

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This paper describes the design and assessment of CryoVR, a virtual reality-based training system for cryoEM devices. CryoVR provides a unique learning opportunity by giving users experience of cryoEM experimental procedures through a safe and accessible virtual environment.

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