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January 2018 issue

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Cover illustration: Crystal structure of the archaeal RNase P protein Rpp38 in complex with RNA fragments containing a kink-turn motif (Oshima et al., p. 57).

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In this study, a new endo-β-(1,4)-glucanase isolated from the thermophilic D. thermophilum, denoted DtCel5H, has been identified, produced and crystallized. In addition, it is shown that this enzyme possesses cellulose-degradation activity and is highly thermostable. Structural investigations of this new cellulase will offer the opportunity to design and develop enzymes with optimal biotechnological applications.

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Structural comparison of the apo structure of S. cerevisiae thiolase with the structure of the CoA-bound complex of human mitochondrial acetoacetyl-CoA thiolase raises the alternate hypothesis that its identical ordered conformation is induced by substrate binding.

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A high-resolution crystal structure of the M2–1 RNA-binding domain of Human syncytial respiratory virus was determined. A combination of crystallography and SAXS indicated a role in its C-terminal extension.

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The cloning, purification, biophysical characterization, crystallization and X-ray diffraction analysis of the two periplasmic domains of Neisseria meningitidis DsbD, a disulfide reductase that is essential for the viability of this human pathogen, are reported.

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The overall topology of solution NMR structures of the Ehrlichia chaffeensis thioredoxin ECH_0218 (Ec-Trx) is similar in the reduced and oxidized states and is similar to other reported thioredoxin structures except that the α-helix (α2) containing the active-site CGPC motif appears shorter in length in the reduced state than in the oxidized state. This outcome of structure calculations is likely to be owing to missing α2 amide resonances in the 1H–15N HSQC spectrum of reduced Ec-Trx owing to backbone dynamics on the millisecond-to-microsecond timescale that prohibit NOE observations or unambiguous NOE assignments in this region of the protein.

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Experimental structures of the archaeal RNase P protein PhoRpp38 in complex with K-turns of PhopRNA reveal how the protein recognizes the 3nt bulge and tandem G·A and A·G pairs. Moreover, the extended stem-loop containing P10-P12.2 in complex with PhoRpp21, PhoRpp29 and PhoRpp38 was crystallized.

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The structure of the mouse glutamic acid decarboxylase-like protein 1 (GADL1) is described. The structure provides new insights into the function of GADL1 and related decarboxylases.

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