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July 2019 issue

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Cover illustration: Co-crystal structure of the Fusobacterium ulcerans ZTP riboswitch using an X-ray free-electron laser [Jones et al. (2019), Acta Cryst. F75, 496-500].

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The first structure of (S)-3-O-geranylgeranylglyceryl phosphate synthase (GGGPS) from a thermoacidophilic archaeon, Thermoplasma acidophilum, with the substrate sn-glycerol 1-phosphate is described. Structural comparisons of this enzyme with other structurally determined archaeal GGGPS proteins are described.

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The crystal structure of an iron superoxide dismutase from Acanthamoeba castellanii, a pathogenic amoeba, was determined at 2.33 Å resolution. It belonged to space group P61, with 12 molecules forming three tetramers in the asymmetric unit.

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Phylogenetic and structural characterization of the only predicted leucine-rich repeat-containing protein from the human pathogen Treponema pallidum is reported.

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An X-ray free-electron laser was used to determine the structure of the ZTP riboswitch, an RNA motif that is responsible for regulating gene expression in bacteria.

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The crystal structure of PssZ has been determined at 1.6 Å resolution. PssZ belongs to glycoside hydrolase family 8 and adopts a classical (α/α)6-barrel fold.

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p-Hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase (PobA) is a possible drug target to combat tetracycline resistance. Here, the 2.2 Å resolution structure of PobA from the pathogen Pseudomonas putida complexed with FAD is reported and is compared with those of PobA from P. aeruginosa and P. fluorescens.

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The crystal structure of protein kinase CK2a1 in complex with 5-iodotubercidin, an ATP-analogue inhibitor, was determined at 1.78 Å resolution. This structure should facilitate the discovery of selective CK2a1 inhibitors.

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This study reports the three-dimensional structure of the substrate binding of a methionine transporter from Streptococcus pneumoniae bound to methionine. The high-resolution structure provides atomic-level details of its substrate specificity.
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