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February 2020 issue

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Cover illustration: Structure of the AAVhu.37 capsid by cryoelectron microscopy [Kaelber et al. (2020), Acta Cryst. F76, 58-64]. Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are used as in vivo gene-delivery vectors in gene-therapy products and have been heavily investigated for numerous indications. AAVhu.37 is of interest for clinical applications owing to its proficient transduction of the liver and central nervous system.

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The crystal structure of MP-4 from Mucuna pruriens was determined with improved resolution and the recently available gene sequence enabled further analysis of the structure.

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The structure of the capsid of the gene-therapy vector AAVhu.37 was obtained at 2.56 Å resolution by single-particle cryo-electron microscopy.

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Serine racemase (SR) is a PLP-dependent enzyme that converts L-serine to D-serine. A 1.9 Å resolution crystal structure of the human SR holoenzyme with two point mutations (Cys2Asp, Cys6Asp) is presented and secondary-structure and tertiary-structure elements are analysed to redefine domain boundaries, structural arrangement and subdomain movement within the small domain by comparison with other holo and ligand-bound SR structures.

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The binding of a C(9)-cytisine derivative carrying a 3-(hydroxypropyl) modification to acetylcholine-binding protein was characterized using isothermal titration calorimetry and crystallography.

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A co-crystal structure of the calpain PEF(S) domain bound to the Escherichia coli chaperone Hfq provides insight into the pitfalls of expression of the full-length heterodimeric calpain I complex.

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In the presence of GTP, the tubulin-like GTPase FtsZ polymerizes into filamentous structures, which are key to cell division. The enzymatic domains of FtsZ from Klebsiella pneumoniae (KpFtsZ) and Escherichia coli (EcFtsZ) formed straight protofilaments in crystals, and both structures adopted relaxed conformations. The T3 loop adopted a unique open conformation in KpFtsZ, while the T3 loop of EcFtsZ was partially disordered.

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Escherichia coli has served as the main model system for examining cell division in bacteria; however, the structure of the central cytokinesis protein FtsZ has not been determined to date. Here, high-resolution structures of E. coli FtsZ in GDP-bound and GTP-bound states are described.
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